September 28, 2014

Exclusive List of Directories and Websites To Submit Your Blog

Today we discuss about the list of Directories and websites where you should submit your website or blog. Most of the sites are free, you should go and submit your site to these places. 

Submit Your Blog : eAskme
Submit Your Blog : eAskme
These sites also include many social bookmarking and social networking sites. I am showing you the list of important sites that will help you in search engine ranking.

Where to Submit Your Blog ?

Start with webmaster tools. Submitting your blog to other websites also help in better crawling and indexing of your site or blog. When you create new site search engines bots take time to crawl it so better is that you can submit your sites or blogs to these sites.

Google Webmaster Tool :

This is a product of Google, you can add your sitemap also to Google. This will help Google to quickly crawl your sites and links and index them. GWT is a free tool and works great.

Bing Webmaster Tool :

This is an official tool by Bing. It also not only let you submit your blog or site but also allow you to submit your sitemap and make your site visible at Bing.

Facebook :

Many of sites and blogs get mroe than 60% of their traffic from facebook. SO this is a great place for you to get traffic for your blog or site. You just need to create a Facebook fan page for your blog and start.

Twitter :

Twitter is a famous social networking and micro blogging website. You should create a twitter account for your blog or website. It give you a free backlink.

Ahrefs :

Ahrefs is a great website to measure backlinks of your blog,  you just need to create a free account on this site and add your domain, and verify it.

Google Analytics :

This is not a place to submit your blog but it is very useful to track status of your posts and website. It is always recommended to add a new site to Google Analytics.

Alltop :

this is not for new websites or blogs, but if you already have great traffic than you should add your blog to Alltop. This is very helpful for giving exposure to your site.

Pinterest : 

Pinterest is very popular social networking site. Submit your blog to pinterest and verify your profile this will make you earn a free backlink. This also improve your brand.

IMT Website Submitter :

This online tool submit your site to more than 3000 sites and also help you to improve backlinks.

We will be updating this list time to time. Do share your own list.