September 02, 2014

What is CTR in Adsense ?

By Sonia
CTR is (Click through Rate) and it is very important both for Publishers and Advertisers. Role of advertisers is to create graphics of ads in a way that it increase CTR and role of publishers is to place ads in that way which increases CTR.

What is CTR in Adsense : eAskme
What is CTR in Google Adsense : eAskme
For Publisher/Blogger CTR is the main factor that retain advertisers and generate money. If your blog or website can`t generate enough CTR then your advertisers will run away. So today we will discuss about CTR and knwo what is Click through rate ?

What is CTR ?
CTR (Click Through Rate), means Number of click on ads deivided by number of pageviews.

It is % of number of clicks on advertisement and number of impressions.
CTR = Number of clicks/Number of Impressions.

CTR%=Number of clicks/# of Impressions.

What is CTR in Google Adsense ?
To make it simple, if ad on your blog or website seen by 100 visitors abd got 4 clicks then your CTR is 4% that shows CTR is percentage of better advertisement. So I advice that you place ad where it is easy to view and click.

Bloggers usually ask what is good CTR and getting good clicks but low revenue. Always remember that too many clicks never guarantee good income, but the targeted ads that give good PPC. Blog articles and posts with high CPC generate more revenue even wil less clicks.

You can also refer this topic on problogger to know what is good CTR.

I will be showing more details on Adsense to make adsense experience better.