October 12, 2014

4 Best Internet Radio Websites for Streaming Music Online

There was a time when radios were used during wars only.

But today, everyone connects easily with the radio.

Each country, state, the city has its radio stations nowadays.

But now Internet radio is becoming famous among people.

People love to stream music from their computers on their mobile phones or computers.

Best Internet Radio Websites for Streaming Music Online: eAskme
Best Internet Radio Websites for Streaming Music Online: eAskme

What is Internet Radio ?

Internet radios stations work on the Internet connection. That means you never have an issue with a bad signal.

Internet radios are getting popular day by day.

Few websites allow you to listen to free radio worldwide.

Some online streaming music websites also charge a minimal fee for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

But paying for Internet radio service has its advantages, like no ads and more stations.

Today we talk about 4 free Internet radio websites.
Grooveshark is the most famous radio streaming site. They have lots of radio stations.

You can choose specific titles and create your personalized playlist.

You can see radio stations only by genre.

Your browser needs to be HTML 5 compatible with the latest Adobe Flash player and good Internet connection.


ShoutCast has more than 48k free Internet radio stations. They are part of AOL media. Millions of users tune in on Shoutcast daily, so you should have a fast Internet connection to avoid hiccups during music streaming.
TuneIn Radio  is my favorite online radio streaming service. It is available on all platforms, and you can access all local stations. They have better streaming and playback quality.


Live365 has so many radio stations. This is amazing and free service. You can browse recommended, features, and popular stations list on the website.

 A quick tip for music lovers is that you should install the Shazam app on your smartphone and when you listen to some unknown song on any radio station, run the shazam app, and it will tell you the name and artist of the song. After that, you can download the song.
These are the best free Internet radio streaming websites.

You just need a hassle-free Internet connection to use any of these radio stations.

Try them and share which one you like the most.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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