October 12, 2014

3 Best Password Manager Software for Keeping Things Safe

This is Internet era, and in Internet era security is most important. It is always important to keep you credentials and logins safe or you might lose details. Usually people have lots of accounts on Internet and it is not easy to remember all. That`s why we need password manager software to help us.

Best Password Manager Software for Keeping Things Safe : eAskme
3 Best Password Manager Software for Keeping Things Safe : eAskme

Why to Use a Password Manager ?

Normally when people have many accounts and as it is not easy to remember all passwords so they use same password on all accounts. this is not good, because if you lose one account to hackers then they can easily access all your accounts if you using same password. So always use variation of password.

That`s why we need password manager. password manager software create random passwords and store them in encrypted files on your computer. So it remember passwords for you.

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3 Best Password Manager Software

There are lot of free and paid password managers available online. But i always recommend to use offline password manager. So today we talk about 3 best password manager softwares.


LastPass is a great software. If you install LastPass on your desktop than you not only svae your passwords but also save credentials that you can use to autocomplete forms. This is compatible with all browsers. On browser it provide toolbar to access all passwords.

It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can even use their premium version on only $1/month.
Try LastPass now.


RoboForm cost you some money. You will need to spend $20/year for basic version of RoboForm. When you install it then it automatically configures with browsers. It also work on all platforms. You can even access it from USB. It show toolbar on your browsers to access stored passwords.
Download Roboform .


KeePass is for those who do not want to spend money. It is a free open source software. This is built for windows. But it is not simple like lastPass or Roboform.
Download KeePass .

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You can consider Evernote if you want to use a cross platform software and its available online so you can access your passwords anywhere, but you have to take care of physical security.

These are the 3 best and awesome password manager softwares. you can choose, try and do share your experience.  Using these softwares it becomes very easy to manage passwords and you need not to go on forgot password option again.