October 12, 2014

6 Free Apps to Watch TV on iPhone

Mobile technology has changed a lot in last 2-3 years. Now you can easily do video chat or watch TV. There are many apps to watch TV on iPhone. Buy you should remember that all apps don`t provide free TV shows and movies even if they say to show.
Free Apps to Watch TV on iPhone : eAskme
6 Free Apps to Watch TV on iPhone : eAskme
Usually people pay monthly or yearly to watch TV on television sets. Instead of this some apps allow you to watch TV for free on your iPhone, so that can be great. You can try out any of these free apps and paid to see which works best for you.

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How to Watch TV on iPhone ?

This post is not about how to watch free television shows or movies on your iPhone but it is about how you can Watch TV on iPhone. If you pay for any service then you will get to watch it on iPhone.

You can use Hulu, Uverse, Netflix like services to watch free TV Shows by paying a nominal fee every month.

Hulu Plus:

Hulu is a big and famous name that offer free video streaming of Movies and TV shows. The Hulu Plus app for iPhone is free on App Store and also you get 1 week free subscription at $7.99/month. Hulu Plus is only avilable in United States but you can use VPN clients.

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This is a famous service like Hulu but they don`t offer any free trail. You have to become paid member to use this free app. Their rates are cheap and you will be able to see lots of movies. You should use VPN if you are not in UK, USA or Ireland.

Download Netflix from the App Store


If you are a subscriber of Time Warner Cable connection then you can download this app for free and watch free live TV on iPhone. This is a really good app to watch TV from idevices. This service is also limited to USA only.
Download TWC TV from the App Store ( iTunes Link)

Xfinity TV:

If you are subscriber of Comcast Digital Video services or XFINITY TV then you can download Xfinity app for free from App Store and watch free TV and movies on your iPhone.

Download Xfinity TV from the App Srore (iTunes Link)

U-Verse Mobile:

If you are AT&T customer and subscriber of it’s U-Verse TV packages then you can download U-Verse mobile app for free to stream movies and TV Shows on to iPhone.

Download U-Verse Mobile from App Store (iTunes Link)

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Tv.com is the only free non subscription based service here. This allow you to watch movies and TV shows without paying anything. But sometimes it show "server not responding" error. But review of this apps are good.

Download Tv.Com from the App Store (iTunes Link)

These are the best free apps to Watch TV on iphone that work best and provide best entertainment. Try them and do share which one works best for you.

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