May 10, 2015

Fun Websites to Kill Boredom

Internet has changed lives of every single person on this earth. You can do anything with Internet. You can start business, meet new people, start websites, keep in touch with friends and do many more things. Today I am going to tell you popular fun websites on Internet that can kill your boredom.

Fun Websites to Kill Boredom : eAskme
Fun Websites to Kill Boredom : eAskme
It is always good to have fun and talk with friends. There are websites that can make you feel happier and refreshed. So we discuss here about 10 popular websites that will make you laugh or smile.

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10 Awesome and Fun Websites


Break  is one of the most popular website to watch pictures, funny clips and funny videos. It make you relax and laugh and you have break from anything you are doing. They have games, pictures and videos to enjoy time.


9GAG  only display funny or stupid pictures. They display 9 Gags on per page, and known as 9GAG. SO you can have fun time even watching videos.


CollegeHumor  has lots of hilarious and funny videos. They also have parody videos on different subjects. They also have good collection of pictures. They have mostly original videos. They also have College Humor YouTube channel  with so many fun videos.


iGod  is fun as it presents itself has Holy God. This is an automated chat client. You can ask many questions to God and get crazy and funny answers.

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LameBook  bring funny facebook comments, photos and statuses on single website. Only stupid and funny status allowed on this site. So this is the bets fun site for FB lovers.

Lambook iPhone app also very famous. It is based on user generated content. So you should subscribe Lamebook right now.

Fail Blog:

Fail Blog features funny content from around the world tat has been added by its users. Everything is funny here. This website is full of videos and pictures to enjoy.

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Comedy Central:

Comedy Central  is also like CollegeHumor. This have original content and much older site. This is full of funny videos and streaming shows. This is also a big American TV channel.

The Mobile Tracker:

The Mobile Tracker  is a non-conventional and funny website. They also make you fool with the trick that show you how you can track mobile phone, but that is a trick to make you fool.

Clever Bot:

Clever Bot  is not funny but you still have fun to talk. It has super clever AI system, so if you say help it say "how Are you"? So ask stupid questions and have fun.

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Instant No Button:

Instant No Button  This for times when you want to scream Nooooo!. SO go to the website and click on button.

These are the most popular Fun Websites and you don`t need to go on other sites. But if you do enjoy any more site then do share in comments. Do subscribe eAskme feed to get updates in your inbox.

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