October 12, 2014

Download Hulu Movies Using Hulu Video Downloader

By Sonia
Hulu is few of most popular things on Internet, which streams  tv shows and free movies. The main drawback of this service is that it is only available in USA. So that means you need to use some VPN or proxy to acess these outside USA. But you cannot download Hulu movies with your regular downloader as they are protected. But here I show you ways how you can download Hulu movies outside USA.

Download Hulu Movies using Hulu Video Downloader : eAskme
Download Hulu Movies using Hulu Video Downloader : eAskme
The main advantage of Hulu is that you can easily watch all videos on website. You can also subscribe packages to have more options. But we want to download Hulu movies, so for this you need to use a simple software that allow you to download Hulu movies on your computer. You already know that you can easily watch Hulu for free using VPN clients, so now we talk about downloading.

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How to Download Hulu Movies:

You should know that Hulu streams movies only in FLV format, so to download them you need Hulu Video Downloader. It is a small software that work great. Click here to download Hulu Video Downloader.

Now Go to Hulu and select movie or program that you want to download. Copy the URL and paste it in Hulu Video Downloader software and click on ADD. Now Hulu video Downloader will automatically download and you can also choose the format if you want to convert video from FLV to some other format. The one more god thing is that it is not online software, it is desktop based software.

Best Download Youtube Videos

If you want to convert then my suggestion is that you convert video to Avi or MPEG2 as they are best formats. This is the best way to download Hulu Movies from Internet. It is safe, work great even in you don`t update software. There are also other methods available but this is the easiest and simplest method  I have ever seen.

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