October 12, 2014

5 Free Video Chat Services Online to Meet New People

By Sonia
If you want to meet new people online like millions of others do. So be ready as there are lof of options to meet someone online with free video chat services. These services allow you to  do video chatting with strangers in open chat rooms.

Free Video Chat Services Online to Meet New People : eAskme
5 Free Video Chat Services Online to Meet New People : eAskme

What Are Free Video Chat Service ?

Like chat rooms there are video chat rooms available online. There are so many video chat services, you just need to signup and start using. SO it is really simple to meet any stranger.

To start random video chat all you need is a webcam and a microphone. When you start most people usually accept your invitation to start chat. So today we will be discussing 5 free video chat services that you can use online.

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Some of these services you can use to find random people to talk . I use Facetime on iPhone and Skype on desktop. ISo the free services I am going to talk about will kill your boredom or you can drop me a Hi on facebook .


Chatroulette is most popular random free video chat service. It is simple and free. You can connect with random people easily bu just starting your cam and hit connect button. It works great. When you go to site make sure you go to right site.


This is a famous Video Chat messenger. Omgle dont even require any signup or registration. It is simpel as Chatroulette and video quality is alright. It also allow you to connect with facebook.

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This is also a free video chat service without any registration or signup. You just need to agree few terms and connect your webcam to start. Without webcam you cannot start chat. Try Lollichat  for free.


It is a good service but not as open as Omegle or Chatroulette. TinyChat  allow you to randomly chat with people. You need to register or sign Up  to use service. You can even create your own chat room.


Chatablanca  is different than other video chat services. It allow you to create your very own custom chat rooms. It allow you to chat with  people same time. Signup is required.

You can also use MSN chat or Yahoo Chat for random chatting. The best desktop based solution is Skype.

Remember that some of free video chat services show adult content. so make sure that you are older than 18 years or atleast 18 years old. These services are basically for single women/msn.

Try them and share in comments which one you like. If you like our post then do share. To get eAskme posts in your email subscribe our feed.

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