October 12, 2014

2 Easy Ways to Schedule Email in Gmail

Email are part of our daily routine. Writers, Bloggers, Businessmen and even common people use emails to send information messages and files. Emails are professional way to talk. Gmail is one of the most popular email service. I like their feature of "Gmail Schedule Email delivery". This feature allow users to schedule emails for any occasions. But this is not a default feature, so to make it enable and use you should use a 3rd party tool like Boomerrang which allow you to schedule Email in Gmail.

How to Schedule email in Gmail : eAskme
2 Easy Ways to Schedule Email in Gmail : eAskme

Today we discuss about apps that allow you to do this. Email scheduling can be very useful. For example if you can send an email later on but create that email right now, than this feature help you. Sometimes you not sure to send email or not, so you can schedule it and if anytime you don't want to send than you can delete it.

Here I will be talking about 2 easy ways that you can use to schedule email in Gmail.

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How to Schedule Email in Gmail:

Below I show you two extensions for both Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome, that will help you in scheduling emails.


RightInBox is easy to install Addon for Firefox or extension for Google Chrome. After this "Send Later" button start appearing in Gmail, and you can select time of delivery.

Now you can schedule directly within Gmail. This app do not store body of email, so you should not be worry about privacy of your email.
    RightInbox for Firefox 
    RightInbox for Google Chrome

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Boomerang also do same as RightInBox do. But it work in more better way with more options. First it schedule email and send it on time, secondly if recipient do not red email then it will return to your inbox.

This feature is known as Boomerang this message. This extension works great, you just need to give Boomerang access to email.

Download Boomerang for Firefox, Chrome and Safari .

They also have premium version. Their minimum cost is $4.99/month and it will remove limit of 10 emails/month.

So these are the two easy ways to schedule emails on Gmail and get reminders for returned or undelivered emails. People start thinking now that soon emails will be out of focus as everyone start using Facebook messages or Skype now. But I believe that email will never lose their importance.

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