October 11, 2014

Top 15 Best Google Chrome Themes

Google chrome is one of the best browsers available online. It is easy and fast. You can even customize Chrome Browser as per your retirements by using proper extensions and with extensions you can even change look of browser. You can do this with free Google Chrome themes available online on Chrome web store.

Best Google Chrome Themes : eAskme
Best Google Chrome Themes : eAskme

You can choose from lots of themes provided by designers or Google also it is very simple to install them. Choose the theme and click install. Within seconds your theme will be on your browser.

As there lot many themes available online for Google Chrome, it can be difficult to choose what you like. So today I am discussing the list of 15 best Google Chrome themes to download and install on browser.

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Collection of Elegant Google Chrome Themes:

Porsche Theme:

Proche Theme for Google Chrome browser show all generation of cars from Porche company. It`s easy, sleek and simple in looks. If you are fan of Porche cars then this themes if goor for you. You can easily download and install Porche theme from here .

Night Time in New York City:

If you love the view of New York City then this themes is for you. Night Time in New York City is a night avatar of city. It is beautiful and shows traffic, alleyways, skyscrapers and lights. You can easily Download it from here .

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Google Plus theme:

This themes is famous among geeks. Google Plus is a social network from Google. Is you use and like Google Plus then this theme is for you. You can download it from here.

Beautiful Landscape theme:

If you love beautiful scenery and landscapes then this theme is for you. This is a simple Theme. Download it from here .

Tiesto Theme:

If you like DJ Tiestos music then this theme is for you. In black/greay layout, good photos and reading text make this is a good Theme. Download it from here .

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Raindrops Theme:

This is an Aero inspired beautiful theme. With awesome display you make it feel like wet screen.

Transformers theme:

IF you are fan of Transormers then this theme is for you. This is of caracters in movie Bumblebee. You can download it from here.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand theme:

This is based on a well known photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He is also famous for a book "The Earth from Above". This themes inspired by his photos.
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Marc Ecko theme:

This is a graffiti theme by Chairman of Marc Ecko Enterprises, Mark Ecko. It has flashy art and design. Download it from here.

James White theme:

This is a dark theme by a professional designer James White. He has worked with Toyota. This is just simple theme. Download it from here.

Glow theme:

These is a dark and easy theme. This is developed by Google designers. you can easily get it from here .

Earth theme:

This theme is based on amazing shots of Planet earth from space. Download it from here.

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Chuck Anderson Theme:

This theme is presented by Check Anderson who is a famous designer from Chicago. This is an all white theme. Try it from here.

Brushed theme:

This theme is developed by Google designers. This has look of Brushed metal that make it looks classy. Check it out here.

Angry Birds Theme:

If you love Angry birds then you can get this theme and customize your browser with Angry Birds. try this here.

So these are the best themes we have found for you and everyone who want to try something new. Do share which theme you like to use. Do subscribe eAskme feed to get updates in your email.