November 29, 2014

How to Create Sitemap Page in Blogger

This is a common question asked by every newbie blogger who do blogging on BlogSpot or Blogger Platform. Sitemap page is where you can see all links of your site together without adding them manually.

I believe you have already seen Sitemap on eAskme. If you haven`t seen then check it here. It is not necessary to have a Sitemap page but still it is good to have a sitemap page. Sitemap page helps for easy navigation and also help to improve pagerank of your blog as it work as iternal linking. In this page you will see all published posts. Siemap also helps search engines  to crawl and index your blog easily. Today we will talk about sitemap page for blogger.
How to Create Sitemap in Blogger : eAskme
How to Create Sitemap in Blogger : eAskme
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Before you start using this sitemap page for blogger, I would like to describe its features to you. This is a clean sitemap page which is only for blogger blogs. It ha blue color theme. This sitemap automatically adds every new page updated on your site in sitemap, you need not to do anything to add pages to sitemap again. Sitmap pages is developed with JavaScript and CSS.

How to Create Sitemap Page in Blogger

So let`s see how  to add this sitemap page in Blogger blogs. Just follow the simple steps given below.
  •     Go To Blogger
  •     Go to Dashboard
  •     Go to "Pages" 
  •     Click on "Create New Page"
  •     Click inside Blank Page.
  •     Insert Page Title "SiteMap".
  •     Go To HTML Tab
  •     Copy Sitemap Code from HERE and Paste in HTML Tab.
  •     Replace eAskme With Your Own Blog Domain.
  •     Click on "Publish" and it`s done.

Final Words

This Sitemap Page to create sitemap for blogger. I believe this help to those who need sitemap page for their blog. If you have any problem creating sitemap for blogger in your blog then feel free to ask me in comments. If you like this post then don`t forget to share with your friends on Twitter and Google Plus. Try this and we will soon be back with more widgets.