November 29, 2014

Professional Social Sidebar Widget for Blogger and Widget 2018

By Sonia
People usually start blogging on Blogger platform and after some time move to WordPress. Blogger is awesome platform to start Blogging career, and learn everything that you need to be a blogger. Blogger also allow you to customize it easily with template, widgets and plugins. Many people have misconception that blogger is not customizable like WordPress, but actually you can easily customize your blogger blog with widgets.

Professional Social Sidebar Widget for Blogger : eAskme
Professional Social Sidebar Widget for Blogger : eAskme
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We all want to get traffic from social networks and best way to do it is by sharing your posts on social networks. Social sharing widget help your readers to share the posts they like on their social profiles, and it increase traffic to your site. Today we are talking about most Professional Social Sidebar Widget for Blogger. Social Sidebar Widget for Blogger is a very beautiful and attractive social widget.

How to add Professional Social Sidebar Widget on Blogger

  • Go to Blogger Homepage
  • Login with your account details.
  • Go to your blog dashboard.
  • Go to "Layout"
  • Click on "Add a gadget".
  • Find "HTML/Javascript" and click on "+" sign to add it.
  • Now Copy Professional Social Sidebar Widget Code from HERE and paste it in "HTML/JavaScript" box.
  • Click on "Save".
  • Click on "Save Arrangements".

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Now open your blog and you will see this professional social sharing widget on your blog side. Now you and your readers can easily share your posts from there. If you do have any question installing social widget on blogger, feel free to ask me in comments. If you like this article do share on Twitter and Google Plus.