March 20, 2017

10 iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android

There are 2.18 million apps and games in Apple’s App Store. There is no doubt that android is most popular in the world. But the best apps always come to iOS first, and Android market have to wait for it till developer develop app for android. So today we will talk about the top best iOS apps that you can`t get on android.

10 iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android : eAskme
10 iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android : eAskme

10 Amazing iOS apps that are yet to join the Android party.


AnyList is a simple iOS app. It allows you to create and share grocery lists. It syncs lists automatically and reflect changes. It also suggest recipes in recipes mode. It is very helpful if you usually forget to buy things.This app is only available to iOS platform.


Tweetbot is awesome app for Twitter. It help you to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts and view conversations. It also provide mute feature. It is a faster and easier to read app. It you love twitter, this app is surely for you. Company do not have any plan to launch this app for android.

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You want to stabilize any shaky footage then this app is for you. It help you to create impressive and smooth time-lapse videos.


SnapGuide is the perfect app for you for DIY guides. This is a how-to app which features a lot of projects, repairs, hacks and recipes with instructions and photo guides.


They have sold 350,000 copies in just nine days. It help you to swipe down and create new tasks.

Paper by Facebook

Paper is owned by Facebook It is a news reader to enjoy the social network. It has magazine style design. You can read various curated articles.

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Dark Sky

This is a weather app designed for iOS devices. It provide local weather forecasting. It uses radar mapping.

Infinity Blade 3

Infinity Blade 3 is a blockbuster action role-playing gaming app.

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Steller is an awesome storytelling app for iOS devices. You can easily create images and videos with this app.

iA Writer

It is a minimalist text editor. It is a distraction-free platform for uncluttered writing experience.


No doubt android give awesome technical customization but iOS for aesthetics and UI design is unmatched. There are lot more apps iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android.

Do share which you like ore Android or iOS? if you have any suggestion, feel free to ask me.

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