February 12, 2015

How to move Tumblr Blog to Blogspot

I have already shared in my earlier post how you can move a Blogspot blog to Wordpress. Today I am going to answer one more blog migration question which is How to move Tumblr Blog to WordPress.
How to move Tumblr  Blog to Blogspot : eAskme
How to move Tumblr  Blog to Blogspot : eAskme
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Tumblr officially do not have any blog export feature. So if you still want to move your tumblr blog to Blogger, here are few steps for you. There is an online tool Tumblr2Wordpress, if you want to export tumblr blog to WordPress. But here we talking about blogger so you should use Wordpress2Blogger, this will convert the HTML file to xml easily and then you can import that file to Blogger.

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How to Move Tumblr Blog to Blogspot

First Step

  • Search for Tumblr2Wordpress website. 
  • Enter name of your Tumblr blog in "Tumblr Account" box. 
  • Choose "HTML" output. 
  • Select a Permalink option. 
  • Click on "Self-Hosted WordPress Installation." 
  • Select the extra post options
  • Click on "Export." 
  • Save the HTML file to your PC.

Second Step

  • Go to WordPress2Blogger site
  • Click on "Choose File" 
  • Select HTML file and click "Open" 
  • Click on  "Convert." 
  • Download and save on PC.

Final Step

  • Go to Blogger.com 
  • login with your username and password. 
  • Click on "More Options"
  • Click on "Settings" 
  • Choose "Other" 
  • Click "Import" 
  • Select the file you want to upload. 
  • Enter the word verification
  • Select to make post live
  • Click "Import".
That`s all. Within 5 minutes you have moved your Tumblr blog to Blogger platform. It is just easy. If you do have any question, feel free to ask me.

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