September 22, 2015

$200 Blog Commenting Contest

After the success of Two blog commenting contests, I am going to organize our third Blog Commenting Contest at eAskme, every month. Winner will get $200 for the winner. This way you can make $200 easily in just 30 days just by commenting on eAskme.
$200 Blog Commenting Contest– eAskme : eAskme
$200 Blog Commenting Contest– eAskme : eAskme
This is our initiative to help those who want to make money online. This contest brings you opportunity to make serious money, $200 in just 30 days. Now let me explain Blog Commenting Contest details.

Duration of Blog Commenting Contest Start?

Blog Commenting Contest is on now. You have exactly thirty days to participate, work and take home $200.
  • Commentator with Highest number of comments will be awarded with $200(Rs. 10,000).
  • Commentator with second highest number of comments will be awarded with $50(Rs. 2,500).
  • Commentator with third highest number of comments will be awarded with $25(Rs. 1,250).
First Prize : $200 (Rs. 10,000)
Second Prize: $50 (Rs. 2,500)
Third Prize: $25 (Rs. 1,250)

In case of a tie, contestant who commented first will be considered as winner and runner-up will be moved to next lower position.

I have published more than 3000+ posts and will also be publishing more articles, so you have enough posts to comment during these thirty days.

How to Participate in Blog Commenting Contest – Rules and Guidelines

Contestant must follow the following rules. Non-adherence to these rules will result in your comment being declared invalid.
  •     Read post thoroughly before commenting.
  •     Leave comment with valuable thoughts and views. One line comments will not be accepted. We use Disqus plugin and we can easily eliminate spam.
  •     You must share the post on Google Plus or Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or all of them. This is mandatory step and we have social counter to monitor if post have been shared by you or not.
  •     Use your real name.
  •     In case of a dispute and my decision will be final. I like to remain isolated from this contest.
Note :- Contestants can comment on article no matter how old it is.

How to Register For Blog Commenting Contest

To register for this commenting contest, you just need to follow 3 simple steps and will take hardly 1-minute.
  •     Click here to Subscribe eAskme newsletter, enter your email address and words given there and click on "Complete Subscription request", you will receive a confirmation link on your email click on that and you get register.
  •     Like us on Facebook and share this post.
  •     Comment below about this contest. Mention is your comment “I will be participating in the Blog Commenting Contest“.
Registration will be open throughout the contest. Contestants who do not follow the above steps will not be eligible for the prize.

If you want to make money online, this is great opportunity for you. So start registering now. So don`t, start now.