May 23, 2015

How to Make $100 Per day with Adsense

By Sonia
Adsense if the first love in the life of every blogger. You have a blog and you want to make money then adsense should be your first choice. I have already shared about how to Make Money Blogging with Google Adsense. Adsense is no one contextual ad-network. 

Check this guide to understand how to Use Adsense on Blog:

Adsense Guide

Today I am going to answer a mostly asked question, that How to Make $100 Per day with Adsense.

How to Make $100 Per day with Adsense : eAskme
How to Make $100 Per day with Adsense : eAskme
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How to Make $100 Per day with Adsense

Stay white-hat timemoneyproblem 

If you are earning $100 a day then someone from Google is going to be checking out your website. Make sure you have everything right: Clear navigation, categories, privacy policy in-place & clear link (required for Adsense).

Make sure your ads cannot be confused with other navigation links. One technique I used on a black colored site was to use bright pink Adsense ads, so they were a design feature.

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You also need plenty of US/UK traffic because that pays better. How do you get traffic - High quality, unique posts that appeal to people and get shared.

You also need to be in a niche where advertisers are prepared to pay good prices, so basically you need to be in a popular niche where prices (and therefore advertisers' margins) are high.... eg Garden sheds, roofing contractors and home dialysis equipment suppliers.

Consider traffic potential vs PPC OKO

As an AdSense certified partner, you can probably imagine how often I get asked this question as well.

One thing that I always find interesting of that people focus on high PPC niches, completely ignoring the practicality of generating traffic in that niche.  I advise people to look at the competition and how much useful/interesting content they can really come up with in a niche for it to work.  The old cliché was all the sites that sprung up around mesothalimia because it was paying high CPCs. Most of the people creating those sites struggled with much content beyond a single "what is mesothalemia " article that they failed to drive traffic to.

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I'd much rather have a site that I could keep improving and keep building traffic to in the long term than a few clicks on a high paying phrase.

Happy to help out with any quotes if that is useful.

Send enough traffic easym6

Well, it's easier said than done. Obviously you need a lot of traffic to make $100 per day on AdSense.

Let's do the math. The average click through rate for Adsense ads is 0,1% so, from every 1000 views you can expect to get 1 click. An average payout per click can be around $.50.

With these numbers you would need 200 000 views daily to make $100. Whoa that's a lot of views.

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What if you aren't the average blogger who just puts a single adsense banner in the sidebar. You put in the time and you optimize your blog to get up to 1% conversions?

That's only 100 views to get a click and 20 000 views daily to make $100 a day.

With 2% conversion that's 10 000 views to get $100 a day.

Now, let's get a bit crazy. There are blogs that convert 5% of their visitors into email subscribers. Yes, email subscribers. This is a far higher commitment than just clicking an ad. Do you think you could get 5% of your visitors to click an ad?

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Well, if you do then the math comes down to 4 000 views daily to make $100 a day. That's still a lot of views that you need to generate, but at least it now sounds as a manageable number.

With Google AdSense it's all about click through rate, the better you optimize your site, the easier it will be to make money.

Few tips that would help Deepanshu Gahlaut

Here are some points you can use to make it happen -
1. Create Quality Content
2. Share it across different channels - Bookmarking sites, social media, reddit, quora etc.
3. Place the ads smartly (Sidebars, top and bottom of the post etc.)
4. Share it again and again.

Make $100 a Day Using AdSense with YouTube Intergeek

My biggest tip for this would be to use YouTube. Whilst I've never been making $100 a day from this method, I haven't made any videos in approximately 2 years on an old account of mine, and still pull in over $150 a month from it every single month. At my peak I was earning around $2k each month from this method, and the videos are all truly awful.

It is necessary that you must get more YouTube subscribers to boost popularity and engagement of your Youtube channel.

It's easier to reach a big audience on there as video content is more consumable and clickthrough rates are extremely high compared to AdSense on blogs; on YouTube it's typically between 3-5% whereas on a blog it will usually be less than 0.3%.

What is your strategy to make Make $100 Per day with Adsense? What other money making programs you are using on your blog?

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