eAskme’s April 2015 Blog Income & Traffic Report

Howdy, eAskers!

Welcome to the monthly Income report of eAskme. As I have already shared that my followers want me to share these reports as they feel it as a motivational factor. Publishing eAskme`s monthly income report is the part of motivational blogging posts and Also I list here how I make money blogging.

EAKME’s April 2015 Blog Income & Traffic Report
EASKME’s April 2015 Blog Income & Traffic Report : eAskme

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April month was really a booster for eAskme. Our traffic not only increased but also our daily search and worldwide ranking improved a lot.

eAskme Domain service: $720
Affiliate marketing: $5300
Clickbank: $539
Direct Advertisement sales: $1260
Domain.com Affiliate Program: $120
EasyWPSEO: $75
Google AdSense: $440
Dreamhost Affiliate Program: $50
Hostgator Affiliate program: $100
WordPress Theme development & Customisation: $610
WordPress SEO Service: $110
Siteground Hosting Affiliate: $50
Socialoomph Affiliate Program: $69
ManageFlitter Twitter tool: $56
Blog Consultancy: $1530
Sponsored post: $1765
MyThemeShop WordPress Theme: $40
TweetAdder Affiliate Program: $420
ShareAsale: $390

Total =13,704

In May I am more excited to make more money blogging. It is always necessary for a blogger to keep learning and keep implementing new things. eAskme team is working on new eAskme.

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