Researchers Use Video Games to Test Chameleons' Vision

You may feel this awesome or strange or both at same time if you know that eyes of chameleon move independently of one another.
And you should thank to video games for telling you that oddball vision is more powerful than it was imagined earlier.
Israeli researchers did this naughty thing by making a video game of chameleons who lash out digital flies and focus on two objects at once. It is also proved that lizards can easily focus one target in each eye. Lizards still can focus on only one fly when they were going to strike.
Their eyes have distinctive movement patterns. These are based on active roles. So they know what they are going to do.

Researchers Use Video Games to Test Chameleons' Vision: eAskme
Researchers Use Video Games to Test Chameleons' Vision: eAskme

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This result not only going to help understand the biology of chameleon but also going to help scientists to develop robots who can coordinate images they will get from multiple cameras.
This will improve reflexes and perception. I must say that it is embarrassing to know that video games experiments are providing results for human beings. Have you ever though the result if you are able to find threats even with the blink of your eyes.

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