A Blogger`s Letter to Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India

Narendra Modi is a name which do not require an introduction. It is the name of the person who is the rising sun and roaring loin of India. A true son of India who is serving humanity and nationality in great way to every extent. I am a true fan of his work on both National and International grounds.
As I blogger I want to point out few things where I like to take focus of Narendra Modi which can be truly helpful to bring more employment in India. That is why I have decided to write a letter to Nareder Modi the Prime Minister of India.
A Blogger`s Letter to Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India : eAskme
A Blogger`s Letter to Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India : eAskme
I am a professional blogger and in my Blogger`s letter to Narendra Modi I am going to outline how blogging is  helpful in India and How Narender Modi can help it to be one serious career choice which will bring a great employment opportunity.

So I must start this A Blogger`s Letter to Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India.

A Blogger`s Letter to Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India



Narendra Modi ji,
Prime Minister of India.

Sub : How to Make Blogging a serious career option

Namaste Sir,

I am Gaurav Kumar, professional blogger and founder of eAskme.com. I am a truly fan of your decision making skills and that is why I am writing this letter to you, where I am trying to share how blogging can be really helpful to bring more employment in India.

There are many bloggers in India who are taking charge to expand blogging as a serious career opportunity in India and educating people to learn blogging. Blogging is one of the best way to make money online and also educating people in great way.

As I know you also like to bring more employment to Indian people, my suggestion is that you should look about the advantages of blogging and help to promote it the way you are promoting make in India.

Blogging is also helpful to your make in India plan as it make people able to work while living in India and this way stop brain drain from India.

As a blogger there are few problems that every blogger or freelancer is facing like no monitoring authority, no government help or official body to help to promote blogging.

There are many things which cannot be covered in a letter but I believe your judgment will always be the best. It will be more better if someday, we can meet, discuss and share every opportunity blogging can bring to people in India and spread it to spread employment.

I will love to hear your response to my letter.

Thank You.
Best Regards
Gaurav Kumar


After writing this short letter I feel there are many things where Narendra Modi ji can help Indian people to grow their income and employment opportunities. I hope I can hear from him as I believe he listen to everyone and reply because we both want the same.

If you also have any question from Narendra Modi, which you think can help you to get employment or any question which will help make in India with blogging, do share via comments.

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