November 06, 2015

How to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

So you also want to know how to improve your Decision-Making Skills and become a Doer?

From questions like,

Should I launch new product?

Should I take up that job?

Should I start a career in blogging?

Will this decision bring better results for my company?

How to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

Should I continue this relationship?

Do I look fat?

Should I rent or buy the Apartment?

How to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills : eAskme
How to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills : eAskme
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Every single person`s mind always bamboozled with thousands of decisions to make on regular basis. No matter how many decisions we make and still we never face a meltdown on some particular decision. People make their choice and decisions and then live on them. No matter what way you are doing it, there is always a better way to do decision making, which gives the immense progress with psychology, research and science.

How to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills : eAskme

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We usually make decisions either though analysis or intuitively, but you never find shortage of advice and opinions around you. Your success is entirely depends upon your decision-making skills. While there are some decisions which has serious impact within minutes there are also some decisions which do not have any impact in long run.

Why do Decision-making skills matter?

Here are some stats for you to find why decision making is interesting part:

  •     44% of lawyers recommend that young person should not start a career in law.
  •     40% of senior hires quit or fail just within first 18 months.
  •     60% of reports says that good decisions are as like as bad ones.
  •     Even CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh has admitted that bad hires have cost his company over $100 million.

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Before you settle down with the idea that bad bad decisions are part of lif, I must tell you that there are things you should consider while decision making for becoming happy and successful in business and in  personal life. Now lets see the best ways to improve your decision-making skills to make an positive impact on your professional and personal life.

Process Matters more than mere awareness

If you know that shortcomings are not going to fix then you must understand the approach or process must be established to fix the issue. You may have observed that you quickly look at pros and cons whenever you are about to make any decision and then decide what you need to do. This is one of the most common method of decision making. Benjamin Franklin was one of the very first adopter of such approach. The best way to come up with better decision is by checking different points of views and by exploring alternative possibilities.

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Get Rid of Confirmation Bias

A series of psychological studies and experiments concluded that there is a strong presence of ‘Confirmation Bias‘ in terms of human decision making. People usually keep high level of opinion about their knowledge and decisions. Everyone like to collect every single piece of that when it comes to making a decision which support their beliefs. Noone like those who put question to their decisions. In such cases, people make decisions based on pre-existential beliefs only.

Confirmation Bias

It is very rare and hard quality in a person to stay neutral when making a decision. But this is also one of the most essential skills to make proper decisions for your business and life. reports of Confirmation bias study supports that people love such information which support their beliefs and always ignore evidence and facts considering distinctive circumstance. You should remember that "Correlation does not imply Causation".

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Expand your outlook

Wrong decisions are usually the result of pure negligence and overconfidence. Narrow-mindedness is the biggest reasons why people make wrong decisions in professional and personal life. If you underestimate the other events and situations, this will make you completely out of focus and lead you to make poor decisions. I am not saying that you should not narrow down your options but that dosen`t mean that you should ignore every possible situation.

Distance yourself from the decision

Don’t feed your feelings. Decisions made solely based on present emotions are one surefire way to make horrible decisions in your life or business. When making decisions out of anger, guilt, revenge or any other humanly feeling, remember that re-consider the decision by distancing yourself from the decision itself. Detach yourself from the emotion associated with making a decision and reconsider the decision that you were working on.

No one is perfect, neither is a decision

Wrong Decisions a part of success

A decision made is in the event or a combination of different events and data supporting or refuting it. Considering the possibilities of making a wrong decision is one way to improve your decision-making skills significantly. No one knows the future of any decision.

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Try being informed

While intuition pros-cons and gut instincts are ways which affect decision of people. So these are the tips that will help you to improve your decision making skills. Poor decisions have destroyed businesses and damaged relationships. So always make decision wisely.

Do share how you make your decisions and what are your suggestions? If you have any question, feel free to ask me.