January 08, 2016

What to Do When You Need Motivation?

If you think that only week people need motivation than you are 100% wrong. No matter how week or strong you are, or how rich or poor you are, everyone needs motivation to live life and achieve his/her goals. Motivation brings hope and also give purpose to live life and struggle even in the bitterest conditions.
What to Do When You Need Motivation : eAskme
What to Do When You Need Motivation : eAskme
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It was the motivation that lead George Washington to fight for the freedom of USA. It was the motivation that let Edison to invent light bulb. It was the motivation that made right brothers to discover the way to fly and create planes. No matter what you do or what others do, there is motivation behind everything, without motivation you can`t do anything, may be you can`t even sleep.

Today I am going to talk about what to do when you need motivation. You may need motivation to achieve some goals, or you need motivation to start some work or to go on some adventurous trip, no matter what is your reason, Here we will see how to get motivation when you desperately need it.

What to do When You Need Motivation:

1) Music:
What to Do When You Need Motivation : eAskme

It is rightly said that music is the food of soul. From the birth of a child to the dawn of life there is music everywhere. Music has the fastest effect on every human living in this world. It has been discovered that no matter how sad or in bad mood you are, a good song, a patriotic song or a song that can raise your heart beat can change your feelings in no time. So I always recommend you to keep some motivational songs in your smart-phone to get motivation when you desperately need it.

2) Religion:
What to Do When You Need Motivation : eAskme

Religion is the biggest motivator for those who believed in it. If you are a religious person and you study religious books then you can get heaps of motivation from it. Religion always tells the best stories how men can get motivation even in the hardest time of their lives, by trusting God and Karma.

3) Love: 
What to Do When You Need Motivation

Even if it is said that love is the most vicious motivator, still it is true that love is one of the biggest motivator. It is the love that makes a mother to carry baby for 9 months and go through from labor pain. It is the love of a patriot that make him sacrifice his life and fight in war to save and serve his country. It`s totally upon you how your love motivates or demotivates you.

4) Kids/pets:
What to Do When You Need Motivation

I know kids and pets are different but one thing is common that they both convey the tremendous amount of happiness with their little and funny activities. I also understand this and whenever I feel little low, i like to go to the window and look at the kids playing in neighborhood. It not only bring a feeling of happiness and but also transfers the same energy that those children have.

5) Believe in yourself:
What to Do When You Need Motivation

Believing in yourself is one of the greatest way that never let you feel low or demotivated. When you believe in something with 100% trust and put all your efforts to achieve that in that time you are filled with a huge amount of self motivation that cannot be shattered until you lose your focus.

There are lot many ways to get motivation. Do share what are your ways to get motivation when you need it. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.