March 28, 2016

Keep Yourself Safe with Leo Privacy - Applock, Boost

Are you also one of those millions of people around the world, who are using smartphones and also worrying if anyone can steal there data by hacking it or stealing it? If yes then you also need something which can ensure the privacy of your smartphone data. Thanks to the latest technology and Leomaster that there is an app that is ready to help you secure your data and boost your phone performance at the same time.

Keep Yourself Safe with Leo Privacy - Applock, Boost : eAskme

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No matter you are using Android Phone or iOS device, Leo privacy is for everyone. Its features are widely used and recommended.

On Google Play it says

"The Best and Most Trusted and Download Privacy Safeguard Protects over 100 Million Users from Private Information Leakage, with Strong AppLock to Lock up Apps, Convenient Privacy Scan to Locate Loophole, Safe Box to Hide Private Photo & Video, WiFi Security to Secure Network Safety, etc. Many Other Functions are Waiting You to Discover!"

Let`s see the benefits you get from Leo-privacy app

Privacy Scan :

This is one of the major feature of this app that make you install it right now. It has privacy evaluation system which runs on your phone and analyze the privacy issues, With just one click you can scan the privacy status fo your smartphone and understand your privacy status in real time.


Now a days loosing a phone is a very common habit which is actually not a good habit. But if you have this app in your phone then you need not to pop your eyes out. As its anti theft system helps you to very easily locate the position of your smartphone and lock all apps so that noone can access your smartphone data. It also sends alert on the number that you have added earlier and give alarm to find your phone.

Wi-Fi Security Scan

Wi-fi makes it easy for everyone to connect on a faster speed. But it also bring privacy issues of getting hacked or getting information leaked. Leo Privacy app`s multi-mode compound algorithm analyze Wi-Fi security and Auto-detect Wi-Fi in backstage to protect your network security all the time.

App Lock

It is really necessary that when your phone get lost noone can see what you have in your phone. So Leo Privacy offers App lock to kick snoopers.

Safe box

Do you want to keep videos, photos safe or hidden even in your smartphone, well here this app does the job very well. It also helps you to hide sms and call logs so noone can see your call detail on smartphone.    

Break-in Alert

No matter what you do chances are that you will have a welcome hand of some intruder. So to make sure that you recognize the intruder, this app take selfies of the intruders

Harassment intercept

This one is one of the advance thing that i like to talk about where thsi app find out the numbers of the people who create harassment in your mind and block them.

 What's New

1. Added Break-in Alert of Home Screen Lock
2. Added Wi-Fi Lock and Bluetooth Lock
3. Optimized Hide Images function to make your images more safe
4. Optimized UI of Charging Screensaver. It is more pleasing now!

Now lets see how Leo privacy helps you to secure data and protect information of your phone even if you handover your phone to someone else to make calls.

  • Click on Install
  • After installation it will ask you to set a password by connecting at least four dots.
  • No reenter the same format.
  • The next thing is to enter Security question.
  • You can choose the question from the given list and enter your answer.
Now you are ready to access the app and run your very first privacy scan.

It is really necessary that we should keep our data safe from intruders or thieves. Leo Privacy is worth trying. Do let me know what you think about Leo Privacy. If you have any question, feel free to ask me.