February 10, 2016

Top 5 Webinar Tools Review : Which Webinar Tool is Best?

Currently, a lot of companies are coming up with complete webinar solutions. These webinar tools are of great importance to corporations that function on a multinational scale. Here’s something about the top 5 webinar solutions available today.
Top 5 Webinar Tools Review: Which Webinar Tool is best? : eAskme
Top 5 Webinar Tools Review: Which Webinar Tool is best? : eAskme
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GetResponse Webinar Tool:GetResponse is the first ever e-mail service provider that also has webinar tools. This enables you to have an all-round connectivity with your clients or audience. You can choose a title to go with your webinar URL which will help your clients to access or remember it more easily. The webinar can even be scheduled in 3 minutes or less.

·         Decide your URL visibility:The URL can be open to everyone or you can have it password protected. Also the URLs are SSL-encrypted which ensures good security. 

·         Pre-designed invitation portfolio: GetResponse allows you to send e-mail invites and reminders from a pre-designed template list. These templates are bound to get the attention of your client. Another feature, the “auto-login hash” allows your clients to enter the webinar directly by clicking or tapping it without logging in!

·         Get your word out:The audience can connect using social media sites namely Facebook and twitter. To enhance interaction, you can send videos, files, images etc. The chat feature can be used to have private conversations during the webinar for better communication.

·         Total immersive experience for the audience:with interactive features such as polls, media, chat, whiteboards and YouTube video sharing, you can have the clients actively participate and enjoy the learning experience to its full potential.

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AnyMeeting:AnyMeeting is another site which provides a webinar tool. Custom registration forms can be given out based on your need of information about the attendees. Your AnyMeeting account can be connected to any business app such as e-mail marketing or CRM platforms with ease, giving you complete integration with your business.

·         Visibility:You can increase your visibility via social media site integration on Facebook and twitter. Also, a custom brand and logo will be provided so that you may stand out.

·         Attendee waiting room:A special feature, the “green room” allows you to prepare with your co-presenters while you message the attendees to wait for you in the waiting room.

·         Interactive:Apart from providing services like presentation sharing and polling and recording the webinar, upto 1,000 attendees can be accommodated in a webinar!

GoTo Webinars: The GoTo team’s motto for its webinar tool is “Turn a presentation into a conversation and a conversation into a sale. So basically their webinar tool is targeted at marketing.

·         Reach worldwide audience: With GoTo you can reach a worldwide audience and can attend from anywhere. You can record your presentation and have a wider audience avail it.

·         Analyze every move: analyze your webinar data to constantly make it better.

·         Put life into your presentation:Polls, surveys, Q&A allow you to interact with the audience and make sure your message reaches everyone.

·         Share content: Hangouts can be given out so that the audience has material to understand the contents of the webinar.

·         Customizable registration forms: This feature allows you to get the exact information you need from the attendees.

Adobe Connect:Adobe offers a webinar tool with a little of their own recipe. This results in a very rich yet simple experience, with features such as built-in analytics, high quality visual data interpretation and easy registrations.

·         Active audience immersion: There are multiple interactivity options such as video and audio conferencing. Mobile audience can also reap the same benefits.

·         Registrations: Easy registrations with customizable registration forms, template contents for re-use, reminders, confirmation and ad-hoc e-mails.

·         Dynamic nature of events: customizable environment designs, self-branding of URLs and landing page controls give a very unique experience for both the user and the audience

Join.Me:Simplicity and speed is the way to go for join.me and their webinar tool.

·         Seamless association: it is very easy and simple to connect with and use. It can be used to connect the whole organization and external clients too.

·         No hassle for IT: secure connections and no need for training makes it easier for your IT department to handle without compromising on features.

·         Free audio conferencing: join.me offers unlimited voice conferencing using VOIP.

·         Mobile meetings: Mobile meetings can be done without much ado and in high quality.

Which Webinar Tool is best?
Now, the question is ‘Which of the webinar tools is the best?’  It’s a tough choice considering all of them have almost every feature that one could require for a webinar. But there has to be a winner since this is business we’re talking about. Let’s compare them based on certain important aspects.

Simplicity and ease of access:The easiest to use and understand webinar tool is the GetResponse. The other sites give you many features to customize just about everything but GetResponse just lays it out for you in just two steps. I daresay you may be able to try it with your eyes closed (just kidding, with one eye closed). 

Invites and Reminders: Adobe, AnyMeeting, join.me and GetResponse offer custom branding to your URLs for a unique feel to it. But GetResponse goes the extra mile with custom templates for invitations and reminders that really catch your eye.

Interface: GetResponse allows you to completely customize the event to keep the audience engaged with chat, polls, screen sharing, whiteboards and youtube videos. Adobe also offers a fully customizable live environment and a landing page.

Webinar Analysis: GetResponse pulls out all stops on this one. You can view webinars instantly, analyze attendees list and track how many registrants actually attended. Every other company offers some features but not as much as GetResponse.

Cost: You may be wondering why I hadn’t mentioned the most important factor before this when I mentioned this is a business thing. Well obviously for dramatic effect.

GetResponse comes out on top in this category too. At $799/month you get the following benefits:
1.      E-mail marketing
2.      Autoresponders 2.0
3.      Landing page (pro)
4.      Dedicated account manager
5.      Dedicated infrastructure
6.      2+ dedicated IP addresses
7.      Max mailout performance
8.      Deliverability consulting
9.      10 users
10.  100,000+ list size
So here’s the verdict:
GetResponse wins the battle of webinar tools with ease considering the quality and quantity of the service being offered at their price. The other competitors do have unique tricks up their sleeves, but GetResponse just draws them all out.