July 29, 2016

Interview with Stephanie Langlet : Journey of a Professional Blogger

Today I am going to introduce you with one more power blogger Stephanie Langlet
from travelsfrance Interviews are the great way to know person, his struggle, life journey and achievements. It make all of us strong and also give inspiration to create our own world of happiness.

This is the new edition of powerful, successful and inspirational interviews in the series of Journey of a Professional Blogger, interviews on EASKME.com.
Today we are going to publish interview with a professional Blogger, Interview with Stephanie Langlet.
Interview with Stephanie Langlet : Journey of a Professional Blogger : eAskme
Interview with Stephanie Langlet : Journey of a Professional Blogger : eAskme
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Q : Please share about yourself and your story to enter in blogging?

Ans : I'm Stephanie Langlet from France. I live in the beautiful Southwest of my country, in a very typical and traditional area, along the Atlantic Ocean and close to Spain and the Pyrenees mountains.

I have been a commercial manager and trainer for the French railway company for 18 years. I learned so many passionate things on Hospitality, Management, Behavior. I love to share with others all the things I learned.

Since 2007 and my first time in Asia (Java and Bali), I use to regularly go to Asia, especially India where I met the Adivasis of Central India in 2012. It was during the World's longest festival, Bastar Dussehra. I literally fell in love with them and now do everything to promote worldwide and preserve their unique culture.

Nevertheless, when I'm in France, I can't help to act as a traveler discovering my country and area for the first time.

I'm especially fond of traditions and local festivals

I created my first travel blog before my trip to Morocco in 2004. This blog is now more focused on Tribes and Minorities.

This year, I launched my second travel blog to help the foreigners speaking English to discover my country as a local.

Q.  How the idea to make your own blog came in your mind? How you found the right people to develop it and what big obstacles you faced?

Ans.  I created my first blog only to share about my trips with my family and friends. In 2004, we didn't have all the tools we now have to promote a blog but there was also less competition. The audience came naturally. I didn't intend to attract a lot of people or to become a professional.

In 2012, things changed. As I said, I met the tribes of Bastar in October. At the same period, the things at work were worse and worse as I couldn't manage my team as I wanted anymore. The values of my company also changed and the priority became money... I made a severe burn-out. Writing about Bastar and Adivasis made me feel better. My blog became more and more specialized on Chhattisgarh and my work was finally discovered and recognized by the local tourism board of Chhattisgarh State. This is how I started to be popular in Central India and among the Indian travel bloggers and reporters. Facebook and Twitter helps me to keep contact daily with Chhattisgarh and my Indian friends and supporters. Things were more professional and I bought my own domain name amatu-artea.com. I also realized it would have helped me a lot if I had owned my own domain from the start! 

Q. Can blogging really change someone`s life?

Ans:  For sure. And in some ways we don't expect sometimes!

Last year, in October and November, I returned to Chhattisgarh. My popularity there really grew more and I used it to promote some messages of respect and tolerance, especially for the tribes, their culture and the differences. Each day, I was featured in the medias because they knew I was promoting Bastar since 2012. I then went to Telangana where I enjoyed the offbeat tribal festival of Dandari in Utnoor and Tahmsi. Again, I was featured by the medias as they knew my big support to the tribal culture. When I reached Rajasthan, I met a family who proposed me a social / business collaboration because of that. I'll return there for 6 months to begin our projects!

Q.  What are your favorite Internet marketing tools?

Ans: MyBlogU helped me a lot with the second website I created this year. Through a brainstorm, I could find my perfect audience and clients, the English-speaking foreigners, especially from Asia, who visit France for the first time. With travelsfrance.com, I help them to prepare their trip and give a lot of tips to enjoy France as a local. I also propose them to rent a flat in my house and to guide them around.

Neilpatel.com. Neil is like a guru for me! Thanks to his guide on personal branding, I was able to believe in me again and remember of my skills. That sounds incredible for me today as, now that this burn-out is behind me, it's obvious that I'm an expert in Hospitality and Management.

Wordpress.org + Origin page builder widget. Choosing another CMS is a bad idea. Wordpress is the must have, including web hosting and domain name.

Two facebook groups for travellers, Next Level Travel Blogging and Travel Perfection. The collaboration is great there.

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Q. What is your daily schedule? And how do you maintain your tasks?

Ans: I have a weekly schedule I track with Google Agenda. Each day is dedicated to a main task to avoid to begin several things at the same time.

When the main task is finished, it gives me the feeling I have accomplished something in my day and more energy to start something else.

Q Blogging have different definition for different person. What is it for you? 

Ans : I blog in order to help people. I try to listen to my audience and answer their questions and needs through my articles.

For example, I know I have to write a guide on the trains in my area, as I talked about it and had positive feedbacks. One of my Indian friends asked me on Twitter a special basque recipe after my article on the best basque food. I only found some in French, so Monday I will translate one and publish it on my blog.

Defining the people we want to help and listening to them is the more important to build a successful blog.

Q. Which are your favorite blogs?

Ans: 2 Travel Dads as these gay dads living in the USA with their two sons are awesome humans helping others and trying to change the mentalities. They are engaged and passionate. Rob is also the founder of the FB group Travel Perfection.

srinivasjournalism.blogspot.fr Sinu is a local reporter from Adilabad and his family is like mine. I lived with them during Dandari festival last year. I always tell him to buy his own domain and use Wordpress! He's in love with the tribes just like me.

Q. How much time do you spend on social media promotion and SEO of your blog? 

Ans. Really I don't know but a lot! I'm certainly not far from the 80/20 rules: 80% promotion, 20% to prepare and write my articles.

And in this 80%, I also count the time I spend on personal branding that is SO important. I've just started my personal brand blog, where I'll talk about Hospitality, Management and my work in India.

Q. How much time do you spend for blogging daily?

Ans. I try to prepare the pics, videos, related links and resources, research the keywords on Wednesday. The time spent depends on the article.

Monday is the day where I normally write the article.

I prefer to write a well researched and useful article once a week and promote it regularly than writing a lot of articles I promote once and that's it.

Q. Message for Readers?

Ans. In resume:
- Use WordPress with your own web hosting and Domain name.
- Listen to your audience and answer their needs.
- Really collaborate with people. If someone promotes your content, don't forget to REALLY thank and promote his content if he has a blog.
- Regularly promote your old content (from your blog and your interviews). 
- Don't use this stupid "follow/unfollow" technic on the social medias or buy followers. Numbers are only a vanity metric. Engagement is the key.

Q. What do you like about eAskme and how it can be more helpful for readers? 

Ans. I'll be honest: as I was very busy I wasn't so much on MyBlogU these last months and just discovered your blog.

I've just read your article on the best Facebook groups and I would have liked a short description of each group. It would help me to choose which ones to join instead of clicking on each link and check on Facebook.
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