May 04, 2017

General Martin Schweitzer Brings Mission Critical Results to the Digital World

General Martin Schweitzer has exhibited a commitment to excellence and a devotion to the welfare of others throughout his career, spanning 30 years, and including both military service and civilian pursuits. As a military man, BG Martin Schweitzer was at times responsible for managing global military risk on a daily basis, as well as promoting interagency cooperation to ensure that the needs of combat personnel were met.

Moving into his civilian career, he seamlessly integrated the same principles of operation into senior executive management and advisory roles. Over the last several years, he has shifted his focus to embrace technology and provide services for government agencies and commercial interests alike, designing custom solutions to improve efficiency, quality of life, and overall productivity in the workplace.
General Martin Schweitzer Brings Mission Critical Results to the Digital World : eAskme
General Martin Schweitzer Brings Mission Critical Results to the Digital World : eAskme
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During his time in the military, Brigadier General Schweitzer's strong leadership and managerial skills helped him to excel and advance. His military career included both operational and command assignments at various levels, and he completed eight successful combat and operational tours, including missions in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Panama. He was also assigned to the post of Deputy Director for Regional Operations, J3, Joint Staff, the Pentagon as his final active duty assignment, and he finished his military career as a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army before retiring from active military duty in 2014.

Marty’s civilian career has been equally impressive. He currently serves as the President, CEO, and COO of Network Designs, Inc. (NDi) while simultaneously acting as an advisory board member for several other commercial interests in both the public and private sectors. NDi provides professional services and custom digital solutions to Federal Government agencies and commercial operations alike. With innovative applications, information management services, solutions for cyber security challenges, and even website and social media development, NDi offers mission-critical results customized to client needs.

Martin Schweitzer is a leading force in ensuring that clients are fully satisfied with the services they receive and that workflow is managed for optimal efficiency and productivity through proper integration and cooperation. In addition to juggling the demands of daily operations, he keeps his eye on the prize, striving for excellence and working to help the company achieve long-term strategic goals. Mr. Schweitzer is a driving force in moving this Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) into the future.

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He also serves as a member of the Board of Advisory for Ballard Brands LLC and Ballard Hospitality LLC, both owned by Paul, Scott, and Steve Ballard. The fundamentals of these companies are well-aligned with Mr. Schweitzer's sensibilities, especially Ballard Hospitality, which has a stated mission of helping businesses within the hospitality industry to streamline management, improve worker quality of life, and increase productivity. Ballard Brands owns and manages both retail and wholesale food brands, with 150 retail locations and brands sold and featured in a variety of venues.

Mr. Schweitzer is also a member of the Board of Advisory for Red Gate Group (RGG), a SDVOSB business based in North Virginia that offers multi-tiered intelligence, operations, and technology solutions to the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and other clients.

Mr. Schweitzer holds a number of advanced degrees. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Old Dominion University in Virginia in 1985, and went on to complete a Master of Science in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University in 1995. In 2006, he received a Master of Science in National Security Strategy from the National War College, with the distinction of Distinguished Honor Graduate.

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