November 15, 2017

The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing

By Sona Mathews
Till today, knowledge remains as one of the most significant strategic resources. It can be utilized as a tool to improve a company from within, but also to enhance customer satisfaction in the world of businesses.

It offers a competitive advantage in the long-term as it helps customers and employees tackle new challenges that may at any given point in time.

The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing: eAskme
The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing: eAskme

Sharing knowledge has become a powerful asset regarding acquiring an advantage.

And for this reason, knowledge management concentrates on experts who are trying their best to gain experience and build more efficient approaches.

Additionally, many organizations devote their resources to enhance knowledge base software to promote knowledge sharing and make it simpler.

Below here are how you can utilize social media for knowledge sharing.

Rolling out new Services and Product

Rolling out new Services and Product: eAskme

Web 2.0 is a powerful ally when businesses have to create a buzz about a new service or product and at the same time to offer some value to the audience.

Social media platforms are beneficial here.

Businesses can provide high-value information about their new services and products by basing the writing of in-depth new guides on the customer’s previous experience.

This is the right time for sharing some internal knowledge to a broader section of the audience.

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Usually, what businesses do is emphasize few of the critical steps in the process of their products which promote green technologies and how their design ensures that the user acquires a delightful experience when utilizing this product.

This process is made very easy using the wiki solution as searching for information and generating new articles from the compiled data and sharing is much more straightforward.

It is also highly necessary to ensure that the comments of customers do not get ignored because they offer information that is useful and that can be utilized to enhance the content found in a knowledge base.

Encourage Sharing Culture

Encourage Sharing Culture: eAskme

To get to a point when company culture entirely embraced by the ways of sharing knowledge, one has to promote it.

Education and experience sharing in an internal knowledge base may not be captivating for employees as they may get the feeling that their value gets diminished by sharing.

A strategy for encouraging this culture of sharing has to be devised in detail due to this reason.

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Providing an opportunity to share opinions on the subject and discuss the topics is the ideal way to overcome this obstacle, and this is what social media offers.

A significant amount of information that is found in the comments can be integrated through a knowledge base software based on the cloud.

To keep the info highly accurate and updated, this wiki solution is a great way. This software enables users to edit anything easily that is within their user right privileges when it comes to editing.

This can further get promoted by thinking of a reward system for the best contributors.

Encouraging Interdepartmental Knowledge Sharing

The Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing: eAskme

In an organization, every department has defined boundaries. A lot of knowledge gets utilized and enhanced over time inside these limits.

There might even be numerous discoveries that couldn’t only improve the department in question but also various other agencies and the company as a whole.

Promoting the use of social media for knowledge sharing can enhance the entire workforce’s productivity.

Take, for example, the information utilized by the customer relations, marketing department, and sales department can be used to improve the services for all three.

Most of the solutions of knowledge base software based on cloud consist of a search option and people will recognize the existence of that kind of data in the knowledge base of the organization.

This will significantly enhance its usage stats.

Ensure you have a team for censoring the content that is shared on social media as you don’t want information that is inaccurate to be promoted as a viable knowledge.

Why is this important?

The people who are in charge of the knowledge base can view the search inquiries that are made and ensure that in future, such type of content finds its way to the people who are in need since it provides value.

Model content in accordance with the Intended Target Audience

Target Audience: eAskme

Knowledge management classifies content into two major categories - external and internal knowledge base.

While the outer knowledge base content is intended to attract and help customers, the domestic knowledge base content is designed to help employees.

So, it is highly essential to ensure that content matches the intended target audience.

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External linking, writing style, and formatting must be addressed carefully in the spirit of the role that this knowledge that is shared has to play.

Take, for example, the educational articles(articles that consist of various company procedures and practical experience) are entirely different from the ones that we cite as guides and help documentation.

This is highly important as by doing so, you will ensure that the knowledge dissemination goes as intended and that neither customers nor employees end up frustrated.

Designing social learning to happen within the workflow is more potent than developing it as a standalone event

In organizations that have effectively utilized social media to facilitate employee learning, the business leaders will come to know that it makes more than a bleeding-edge technology to make these systems function.

Without a culture that promotes staff dedicated to improving and managing these initiatives, and knowledge sharing, companies can swiftly lose traction because the busy employees find very little reason or time to utilize the tools amid the demands of daily work.       


From the above, you have witnessed that there are many opportunities when utilizing social media for knowledge sharing.

You can use the knowledge-based software based on the cloud to capture and share the knowledge on social media while taking care of the article style and article format.

The advantages of doing so range from enhanced data about relevant expertise on the organization and improved problem-solving skills to enhanced customer service and increased collaboration among hires.