July 03, 2019

How to Hire the Best Embedded Software Engineer?

Nowadays, many people all around the world have found out that there is something even better than a software developer, and that is known as an Embedded Software Engineer.

How to Hire the Best Embedded Software Engineer?: eAskme
How to Hire the Best Embedded Software Engineer?: eAskme

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This is an engineer who knows what hardware he is working on, unlike a software developer who is rather not known to have any knowledge of the hardware at all because, in his work, it is not necessary.


It is important that the embedded software engineer has the knowledge of how to write the code in different things such as a different kind of hardware.

And for that, he also needs to know about the hardware, and other technicalities too.
  • The best embedded software engineer would know how much RAM, ROM, and the CPU cycles are needed so that a function takes place. All of this is needed even before the project is designed.
  • According to the CPU cycles, the engineer is then supposed to write down the code, and the code should be as tight as it can be so that the minimum cycles are required for the programs too.

Know to program in C language

It is very important that the programmer knows the language C. it is quite normal that a programmer would know JAVA and Python, but knowing C language is rather important so that the embedded systems can be programmed in an efficient manner.
  • It is seen that C+ is also used to program the embedded systems and even for that it is necessary that the programmer has a solid knowledge of the proper basics of the language C. This is how he would be able to be successful in being an embedded software engineer who knows how to code effectively.

State machine

There are scenarios in this activity; one can have a linear design or a complex one; it depends upon the demand of the project. If the project is linear, then a flowchart would be of a single thread.

And in the case of many features, multi-threads would be necessary so that complicated features can be designed too.
  • Anyhow having a state machine design lets the engineer look at the design while he codes the program; this way, he can make the project even more efficient.
  • One more advantage of having a state machine design is that the programmer would now know as to what resources are needed and in what amounts too. And so he can decide that too because of this design.

There are interrupts

This is to be understood by the programmer that because of the continuous evolution, it is understood that the technology that the developer is using is relevant for now but might not be the most relevant one for the years to come, and so he should be open to any updating of the system then.
  • IOT (Internet of Things) is one of the evolving technologies, and one should know about it.
  • Wireless technology is also considered to be the future too.
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