May 29, 2017

Ciiva Best Electronic Parts Database Software

Electronics design like all other professions has seen the creation and development of many tools to help the designers with increased productivity and performance. The whole idea is to enable the designer concentrate on design work ad not have to worry or be distracted by other things; one of the most critical aspects of electronic design are the components and management of it. For parts management, the electronic parts database software free to use by Ciiva has some of the most advanced features of any software in the market.
3 Reasons Why Ciiva is the Best Electronic Parts Database Software : eAskme
3 Reasons Why Ciiva is the Best Electronic Parts Database Software : eAskme
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Created for the electronic designer, its goal is to truly realize the mantra of intelligent selection of parts, validation of parts and effective management of those parts. The 3 reason which gives this software an edge in electronic parts management are:

Reason 1: Search Analysis Management

It is true in electronic design and manufacture, more than any other place that parts supply changes fluidly in terms of pricing, need, availability etc. In the process of electronic design, you want to have the most dependable and up to date software to assist you with generating the best BOM, with the most current parts to avoid issues of expiry or near expiry.

Search with the software for the bet prices in the market from a database of the most reputable suppliers in the industry; analyze and search for parts with your specific refined parameters for components that are within your budget to avoid having your BOM returned.

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Reason 2: BOM Management

The BOM will decide if your design will go into production or not, as such this software has been equipped for advanced BOM management to control changes of parts accurately for the lifespan of the product; through a centrally managed BOM solution optimize present and future parts selection during production by exploiting historical usage data from past designs.

You get BOM management from start to finish by managing, tracking and reviewing parts intended for use or used in the design; all this from one place. Here are the advantages of the centrally managed BOM:

  • You are able to quickly review and track every change made to your BOM; you will be in control of the parts going into your design throughout the process by knowing where and who made which changes to the design, and know where in the design your respective parts are used. You can also revise and make comparisons between two BOMs quickly.
  • You will easily track and source components for your electronic designs with the help of the software; easily identify and assess the life cycle of the components you are using and replace obsoletes with verified alternatives. You have real-time price and part availability information all within the tool; this feature is ideal for dealing with last minute changes in the design components.
  • The entire design team has access to centralized and shared BOM data so that everyone is up to date with design information and any changes made.

Reason 3: Professional Services

With the addition of professional services, your parts libraries will be well organized and updated automatically by the software.
  • All data management needs are taken care of by the CAD librarian services including cleanup and component requests as you focus on your core business of design.
  • Make and get instant orders for parts without putting in too much f your time through the professional services feature.
There are the 3 reasons which make this the premier electronics parts database software.