August 09, 2017

A Look at the Top Business Intelligence Software Vendors

Business Intelligence software has been one of the greatest inventions from an established business viewpoint.

The software sends employee efficiency through the roof, ultimately making running a business much easier.

As with all industries, many vendors provide such solutions, and below we’ll look at some of the top competitors.

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A Look at the Top Business Intelligence Software Vendors: eAskme
A Look at the Top Business Intelligence Software Vendors: eAskme


QlikView is well known to have one of the most advanced APIs in the business intelligence game, so it’s no wonder it’s a strong competitor in the field.

Content developers love QlikView primarily because the platform is scalable, powerful, and has plenty of features that developers crave, according to SelectHub.

 The platform makes visual querying relatively easy compared with its competitors, and other features in the storyboarding and geospatial integration process are up there with the best.

Although QlikView is not easy to learn, the company has addressed issues in recent versions and is making strides in building a platform that is easy to get used to.

The product now comes with many tutorials and self-help guides, so developers can get off to a good start using a platform that will reap the rewards.

Microsoft Power BI:

There are very few areas Microsoft is not involved in.

Intending to become the best BI provider in the world, it’s no surprise they have a platform that is easy to integrate into other solutions already in place.

Microsoft Power BI has a few features that set its solution apart from the rest.

One is the ability to use desktop and browser authoring via apps, primarily from an on-premise point of view and via cloud-based solutions.

 When it comes to storyboarding, their platform has been rated ten out of ten, and even visual querying has one of the highest ratings in the BI industry.

Microsoft will continue to make its Power BI solution great, which could be one of the main reasons to choose their platform over others so that you’re going to have a platform that’s being developed for the future.

 Also, in terms of pricing structure, it’s one of the cheapest platforms available.

They offer basic free trial solutions to businesses looking to test and multiple other solutions so businesses can get started for as little as ten bucks per user per month.

Tableau Software:

Tableau Software is a platform that allows even non-technical users to customize dashboards to help them collect information, and it promises to be at the forefront of data visualization.

When it comes to advanced analytics, Tableau Software provides the ultimate solution.

While it’s primarily known for its data visualization benefits, advanced analytical features are also a fundamental part of how the platform works.

With the ability to integrate SQL, Marketo, and other well-known enterprise features, Tableau Software is up with the best.

Tableau Software is also competitive in price and has many good ratings for being one of the best platforms when it comes to integration.

There are many vendors on the market for implementing a BI solution.

However, if you’re looking for the best, you may consider the above platforms to help your business grow.

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