October 29, 2020

Google Highlights Best Shopping deals in the Search Results

Google is helping sellers by highlighting their promotions or best deals in the research results.

In the beginning of 2020, Google has started showing free shopping listings.

Now, Google has decided to display shopping deals in highlights to make the listing user friendly and more appealing.

Google Highlights Best Shopping deals in the Search Results: eAskme
Google Highlights Best Shopping deals in the Search Results: eAskme

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User will find the latest deal displayed on the top of product thumbnails.

Some of the most popular deals will display with words like” Sale”, and “price Drop.”

These promotions are now available worldwide. Sites like Amazon, are getting the maximum benefit with these Google highlights promotions.

Google has released this shopping deals highlights update just before the holiday season.

Earlier, the user has to enter the details about the product to search for the deal, but now the users can check the deals without typing in a search.

All the eligible USA retailers will automatically use these promotions.

Not only that, but Google also allows retailers to edit and update shopping highlights in Merchant Center. And, within hours, the promotion will get approval or rejection.

These shopping updates will help the customer effectively use Google search to find the best shopping deals.

Users will watch shopping highlights in Google search results. Where the list of shopping product ads is displaying.

Google Highlight the promoted products in:

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • Google Shopping Free Listings

  • Google Images search for Mobiles

  • Local Inventory Ads

The users will see the “On Sale” filter in Shopping Tab. This will make it easy for the user to search the products on sale.

“On Sale” lists all the free product listings and product inventory ads to improve discoverability of the best-priced products or the products with best deals.

If you search for any specific product, then you will see the list of retailers who are offering the best deals.

Google is giving the benefit of shopping highlights to all the retailers even if they are not using Google ads to promote their products.

Important Shopping Stats:

There are various shopping stats are shared by Google that will help retailers, such as;

  • 40% of Global customers are using Google to find the best deals.

  • 58% US holiday shopper does not buy gifts until they are on sale.

  • 58% have purchased a new brand during the last holidays.

  • 65% of US holidays shoppers shop early to avoid seeing Out-of-Stock.

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