October 25, 2020

Instagram Users Make Money With Live Fan Badges

Instagram is planning to allow users to use fan badges to make more money with live streams.

This new tab feature allows Instagram users to monetize their live streams. It is quite similar to the feature that you will see on Twitch.

Instagram live fan badges are available since May 2020. This will help the creators to get donations or appreciations from the fans or followers.

Instagram Users Make Money With Fan Badges: eAskme
Instagram Users Make Money With Fan Badges: eAskme

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To receive a fan badge, the user needs to pay a small fee, such as $0.99, $1.99, $4.99, etc.

This represents the tier of fan badges. The badge also shows how much the user has contributed to the Instagrammer’s account.

Here is the image that shows how the badges look like. Look at the hearts.

Instagram Users Make Money With Live Fan Badges: eAskme


Earlier, the fan badges were available for a limited user base only.

Now, more than 50,000 additional Instagram creators can use fan badges in the live stream.

It is still a small number of Instagram users. It seems that the feature is available with popular creators.

To ensure that maximum creators will use fan badges, Instagram is not charging any fee or revenue share for fan badge purchases.

Justin Osofsky said that;

JUstin Instagram Users Make Money With Fan Badges

Now you see that it is an excellent way for creators to earn good money.

But, what is the benefit of these fan badges for the users?

Here is what you should know:

Fan badges is the display of your passion or how big a fan you are of the creator.

When the user pays the Instagrammer using fan badges, he/she earns a fan badge.

Fan badges also an easy way for the user to grab the attention of the Instagrammer or influencer.
The fan will also display the list of badge holders.

Creators can check this list to find their biggest fans.

This feature is similar to Twitch.

At Twitch, users pay the fee to get follower badges. The revenue is shared between influencer and Twitch. It is said that twitch revenue from fan badges is about to cross the earning from advertisers.
This is a huge success.

And, Instagram is also after the similar success.

Also, Instagram is making way for creators to earn money online with these fan badges.


Instagram users were complaining for along time about non-monetization on this network. Instagram has adopted this feature from Twitch to make the fan base help Instagram users to earn good money.

Let's see if they will see any success in this.

What do you think about the Fan badges feature?

If you still have questions? Share via comments.

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