December 04, 2020

Best Ways to Keep Your ‘Bitcoins’ Safe

By Sona Mathews

There is a high chance that cryptocurrency will stay in the world forever. Not only that, even though China and other countries banned crypto’s existence, a lot of countries, such as the United States, find it more relaxing about its uses and existence.

One of the benefits of using Bitcoin is that it enables large-sized establishments to accept payments to exchange services and products in bitcoins.

Best Ways to Keep Your ‘Bitcoins’ Safe: eAskme
Best Ways to Keep Your ‘Bitcoins’ Safe: eAskme

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On the other hand, considering the sudden fluctuations of the bitcoin’s value in the past years had caused some companies, such as stripe and valve, to dismiss their support for the said cryptocurrency.

But despite that, a lot of companies still accept different forms of digital currency, such as bitcoin, as a payment for goods and services.

One of the benefits of using bitcoin for merchants is that its transaction fees are much lower than the credit card processors for about a 3 percent charge.

Paying with bitcoins is beneficial for customers considering that it does not leave any data after every transaction that can be used for identity theft.

In this post, we are going to provide you effective ways to store your bitcoins safely. Read on to know further.

Ways to Keeping ‘bitcoins’ Safe

Aside from the financial benefits offered by bitcoins, you can follow a lot of methods to ensure the security of your bitcoins and protect it against theft.

Cryptography is an element that handles the transfer and creation of crypto.

In connection to that, Bitcoin has considered being a robust digital currency.

Bitcoin is using a blockchain as its distributed ledger to track every transaction that happened in Bitcoin.

Keep Your ‘bitcoins’ Secure

As mentioned, several methods are available for keeping your bitcoins safe against thieves. This section will provide several ways to keep your bitcoins secure.

One of the best approaches to secure your bitcoins is to perform regular backups.

Regular backups give enough protection to your bitcoin from possible computer failure, human error, and theft.

But despite that, make sure not to store bitcoins online.

This is particularly true for an unencrypted backup. Aside from that, ensure using the newest version of the bitcoin software.

Not only that, keep in mind to create at least a 16-characters long password that is hard to guess by other people.

Even though bitcoin is known to be digital money, you can secure it in an analog form. You can use paper wallets if you prefer storing bitcoins offline.

Storing your money offline reduces the possibility of losing your crypto because of computer viruses or online hackers.

You may also consider printing the important wallet contents, which include the public keys as well as the private keys.

Through this, you can make a physical record that needs to be secured properly.

And last but not least, the best option is to use a VPN service for securing your internet connection by encrypting and hiding your IP address. Vpnpro wrote an informative comparison on Surfshark vs NordVPN providers- two of the best in the market. It will help you to choose which is the best option for your needs while keeping your crypto money safe.


It cannot be denied that storing bitcoins securely and safely is a quite time-consuming, complex, and daunting task.

But despite that, it is worth the time and effort of a person who wants to trade and mine bitcoins.

Keep in mind that bitcoin is not all about getting into an internet fad.

Bitcoins should offer a perfect balance between ease of use and security when it is intended to be used in the market.

In connection to that, there is a high chance that a lot of people and countries will accept the existence of bitcoins and use it for several reasons.

Not only that, but some users will also adapt online transactions of cryptocurrency for safer use and storing.

Those steps are easy to follow. Keep your bitcoins secure!

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