December 12, 2020

Pinterest Boards Upgraded With 3 New Features: Note-to-self, Board Toolbar, Board Favorite

By Sona Mathews

Pinterest boards are getting a new upgrade. This time Pinterest has launched three new feature upgrades for Pinterest Boards.

These three new features will boost user engagement on Pinterest.

Pinterest Boards Upgraded With 3 New Features: Note-to-self, Board Toolbar, Board Favorite: eAskme
Pinterest Boards Upgraded With 3 New Features: Note-to-self, Board Toolbar, Board Favorite: eAskme

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Every year the number of new Pinterest boards increases by 35%.

The following categories on Pinterest have gained the maximum number of boards;

  • At-home Workouts
  • Baby products
  • Essential Goods
  • Gifts
  • Home Improvement

The number of boards and the number of saved pins and search also increased for these categories.

The following products have seen maximum growth in Pinterest boards;

  • Home décor 36%
  • Beauty 44%
  • Family Christmas Gifts 70%
  • Essential products 83%
  • Women's Fashion 95%

Pinterest has launched three new features to ensure that users get the maximum out of their Pinterest boards.

  • Favorite specific pins
  • Write Notes to self-directly pins.
  • Toolbar

Today, I am sharing everything that you should know about the features launched but Pinterest.
Pinterest Boards New Features:

Note to Self:

Note to self is an essential feature. It allows you to write private notes to the pins. This way, you can search the pin easily or remember the saves pins.

This will also help you to recall pins. Most people save gift pins, but they cannot find them when deciding to buy the product. You can keep that information private with notes to self feature.

During the holiday season of when you want to buy gifts, this feature will help you find the saved pins.

New Pinterest Board Toolbar:

With the new Pinterest boards toolbar's help, users can easily navigate the action taken on that board.

Pinterest boards Toolbar display the following actions;

  • Organize pins
  • Explore pins
  • View notes
  • To-do-lists
  • And more….

Pinterest Board Favorite:

The new favorite pins feature allows Pinterest users to mark pins as favorite. This will also make it easy for you to sort pins or find them.

Emerging Pinterest Trends:

Pinterest has also shared data on emerging trends.


Pinterest boards related to Baby products have increased by 78times.

Home Improvement:

Homeschool design by 11 times, Furniture projects by 68%, and small home gyms by 48%.

At-home Workouts:

Workout videos by six times, gym workout for beginners by seven times, and grounding exercises five times.

Shopping from the saves to the splurges

Everyday essential products 83%, my dream closet 83%, family Christmas gifts 70%, luxury gifts up to 3 times.


Pinterest has launched many features in the past to make the platform user friendly. These new updates are related to Pinterest boards.

The reason behind these features is to make Pinterest a more engaging and user-friendly platform.

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