December 01, 2014

Why You Should Use Pinterest in 2024?

When we talk about to use social networks for blogging and websites, the very first network comes in our mind is Facebook. No doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular and no 1 social network and Pinterest is not that much popular.

Still there are some amazing reasons why you should use Pinterest. Pinterest is mostly popular among those who want to share their pics and profiles and want to gain followers. Today we will discuss about compelling reasons to use Pinterest in 2024.

Why You Should Use Pinterest in 2024: eAskme

Why you should use Pinterest in 2024:

Best Option to Reach Female Audience:

If your blog or website is related to product or services for women, then Pinterest should be your first choice.

Pinterest has largest female traffic and one of the biggest brand that everyone should join to market their products and services for women.

It is said that 92% of all the pins are made by women and 80% of Pinterest users are female. So you see that Pinterest is the biggest tool to reach women, so you should use it to gain women audience.

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Post on Weekends:

Mostly people are busy in meetings, targets, calls and other stuff on working days. So it is always advisable to share your posts or articles on social networks in evening or on weekends. You should not waste time on those people who don`t listen, work for those who are interested, as they themselves bring you more traffic by sharing it with others.

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The best time to post on Pinterest is Saturday morning.

Clearly, if your only open time is on the weekend, you really should be using Pinterest.

Create Nice Photos

Your an easily share anything Pinterest. All you need to have a good image to make an impression.

Lets see the most attractive content on Pinterest :
  • DIY projects
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Home décor
  • Crafts

How to Start Pinning on Pinterest?

I believe that now you have completely understand the importance to Use Pinterest. The nest thing is to pin everything in better way to get maximum out of Pinterest. Lets see two sides on coin now.

One side, It hardly take a min to create a good valuable post on Pinterest. You just need to to write one or two sentences and use image which you have used for your content.
You can easily add image by adding its Url in Pinterest.
Pinterest also allow you to share content created by other Pinners. You can add comments and gain followers. Within minutes you will start getting followers.

Now the unfortunate side of the coin is related to images. You should use best images, because if you use low quality images changes are that mostly people will ignore your posts.

This dosen`t mean that you need to be a professional photographer. But it means that the images you create should be attractive and of good quality. This will do wonders in your Pinterest world.

Let`s Get Started:

If this is the first time your are going to use Pinterest, the click here to go to Pinterest and see what we have shared. You will see boards where we share different topics.

If you already using Pinterest, do share your experience with Pinterest and any suggestion you want to share with us via comments.
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