December 11, 2020

Twitter Users Can Now Share Tweets to Snapchat

Twitter users can now share tweets directly on Snapchat. This Twitter snapchat Integration will help users who are using both Twitter and Snapchat apps.

It is relatively easy for a Snapchat user to share tweets from Twitter directly to Snapchat stories. This means that you do not need to take a screenshot of your tweets to share them on Snapchat.

Twitter Users Can Now Share Tweets to Snapchat: eAskme
Twitter Users Can Now Share Tweets to Snapchat: eAskme

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Before this, there was not a single feature on Twitter that help the users to share tweets on other social media networks. The only way people are sharing tweets on other social media apps is by taking screenshots and sharing them.

Twitter has announced native Integration with Snapchat.

Twitter is also working on building similar Integration with Instagram to allow Twitter users to share their tweets on Instagram directly.

Today, I am sharing about Snapchat Twitter integration.

Twitter Snapchat Integration makes it easy to share Tweets:

Right now, only the iOS app users can share tweets from the Twitter app. Soon Android app users will also have the same feature.

Note: You must understand that you should now publish tweets directly to Snapchat. Users cannot post tweet simultaneously on both social network apps.

You can share a public tweet from your own Twitter profile or other users Twitter profile to Snapchat story.

Users can use Snapchat creative tools when publishing tweets.

Snapchat user should click on the embedded tweet to open it in the Twitter app.

Tweets will display in Twitter author’s profile and explore more tweets.

It was not possible when users were sharing Tweets as a screenshot.

You can check the tweets shared by Twitter user profile.

This social network integration will help both Spanchat and Twitter to bring more users to their platforms and improve engagement.

Sharing viral tweets will help Snapchat users to boost engagement and followers.

If the user deletes tweet from the Twitter profile, then shared tweets will automatically delete from Snapchat.

How to Share a Tweet to Snapchat from Twitter:

  • Here are the steps that you should follow to share a tweet from Twitter to Snapchat:

  • Go to Twitter

  • Go to tweet and click on the “Share” icon.

  • Click the “Snapchat app” icon.

  • Now Snapchat app will open with the tweet you want to share in the Snapchat story.

  • Take that snap and resize. You can also use Snapchat feature and filters on your tweet.

  • Click the “Send” button, and it will post as the Snapchat story.


This new Integration will improve user engagement. It will also help users to boost followers.

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