Watch Top Emotionally Engaging Christmas Ads

Emotional content is what makes a video or article go viral. When it comes to video marketing, YouTube stands as the most powerful marketing platform for creating engaging ads. During holidays, brands are creating holiday video ads to attract more customers and improve SEO performance.

A recent study shows that the average work tenure of a chief marketing officer in US companies is 41 months.

Watch Top 20 Emotionally Engaging Christmas Ads: eAskme
Watch Top 20 Emotionally Engaging Christmas Ads: eAskme

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Most of the Chief-Marketing-Officers in American brands are working upto 30 months.

For Chief-Marketing-Officers who want to spend years, it is essential to analyze the emotional Christmas ads.

Online retailers should also focus on;

  • Why are other brands using emotional video marketing?
  • Why brands analyze Christmas ad content?

You can use emotional content to learn from the emotional video ads.

Here I am sharing the most emotionally engaging Christmas ads.

Not On The High Street’s The Magic of Small Things

M&S FOOD’s This is M&S Christmas Food

Aldi’s Christmas Launch Advert 2020

Lidl’s Big on a Christmas You Can Believe In

Asda’s That’s an Asda Price Christmas

Argos’s An Evening with AbracaDaisy & the Incredible Lucy

Hobbycraft’s Craft Together This Christmas

TK Maxx’s The Lil’ Goat

Deliverloo’s Christmas Is On!


Emotionally engaging Christmas ads are the best examples of how content can trigger emotions and influence buyer's decision.

Watch them and let me know which ad you find most influential.

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