March 06, 2021

Bitcoin: Learn the working of digital wallets!

By Sona Mathews

Are you planning to enter into the world of cryptocurrencies and learn about different cryptocurrencies and their technology?

Before you enter into the cryptocurrency world and learn about storing cryptocurrencies, you need to learn about cryptocurrency wallets.

We are introducing a guide that will help you gain digital wallets, their working, and different types of digital wallets.

Bitcoin: Learn the working of digital wallets!: eAskme
Bitcoin: Learn the working of digital wallets!: eAskme

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You are familiar with storing your real cash.

Either you use a purse or a wallet or a piggy bank to store your real or physical cash to make your money secure.

Similarly, the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and others are stored in a cryptocurrency wallet.

By getting a cryptocurrency wallet, you can easily store, send and receive bitcoins.

But before you store your cryptocurrencies in your wallets, you must have a complete understanding of their working.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, and all the cryptocurrencies are stored, send and receive similarly.

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Let us learn about the working of cryptocurrency wallets that are also known as digital wallets.

How do digital wallets work?

Bitcoins are digital coins that aren't stored in physical form because these exist digitally.

Blockchain is a shared public ledger that contains all the transactional records that provide public and private keys that control over user's funds.

To have a complete understanding of the role of wallet and wallet address and the digital keys, you must read the forthcoming paragraphs.

A bitcoin wallet address is similar to the bank account number that can be shared with other users to receive the funds.

To get bitcoins payments as a salary or payment of selling goods and services, users can share their wallet addresses with all other users.

Like no two bank account numbers are the same, all the wallet addresses are unique, and there is no limitation on creating the wallet addresses. A user can create multiple wallet addresses for different purposes.

A bitcoin address is a long string that is an amalgamation of letters and numbers of both lowercase and uppercase. For example, a bitcoin address is in format: 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa.

Because the blockchain ledger is completely transparent, all the users can find out the amount of money that a particular cryptocurrency wallet has but can never know the bitcoin owner's cash flow.

Simultaneously, a bitcoin wallet address does never reveal the real identity of the bitcoin owner because bitcoin's blockchain also maintains pseudonymity.

How are digital keys – public and private keys are related to bitcoin wallet address?

Now, we have understood that wallet address is the same as bank account number, now we will learn how the users are given control over funds.

Most people think of the wallet address is the same as the public key, but this doesn't seem right.

Each crypto wallet address has its unique public and a private key that allow it to send and receive funds.

For instance, you want to send funds to some other user from your bank account. You will be required to enter the password or PIN to send the funds.

As for your password, no other person has access to it which only allows you to send money, a private key acts in the same way.

A private key is more like a secret key that must never be shared and is used to safeguard your bitcoins and send funds from your wallet to someone's else wallet.

Both public and private keys are mathematically linked to a wallet address.

In reality, Bitcoins aren't stored in digital wallets but are stored on the blockchain ledger.

Blockchain is a shared distributed ledger that records all the bitcoin transactions that have ever been initiated and completed. Even it records the total account balances of all the wallet's public addresses.

The software on which the cryptocurrency wallet is made is directly connected to the blockchain, which requires the wallet to submit all the transactions to the shared ledger.

Using your private keys, users can easily verify their crypto tokens and easily transfer them to another user.

There are various types of bitcoin wallets available online that you can choose to send and receive funds.

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