April 28, 2021

9 Tips for Stress-Free Move

Moving to a new place is not always exciting.

You have to plan and do a lot of things that can cause stress and burnout.

The most important step of moving home is also the complicated one.

9 Tips for Stress-Free Move: eAskme
9 Tips for Stress-Free Move: eAskme

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You must move all the important stuff, if not everything, to a new place.

But how to handle this move is what tells the story of all the troubles.

Today, I am sharing the fast and easy life hacks to make your move stress free.

Moving Day Kit:

What is a moving day kit?

A moving day kit is the pack or box of all the important things that are either personal or incredibly important.

All the important documents, jewellery, box cutter, cleaning stuff, trash bags, etc.

Transfer stuff before you move:

To ensure that you will not have trouble at your new home, you must move all important things a month advance from the final day to move.

Ensure that you have everything fixed at your new home, get an internet connection and change the address on your documents.

Invest more time:

You need to invest more time in moving things than you usually spend working during the day.

Pack in such a way that you will get everything according to the preference when you open the box.

Stop Wasting Money on Boxes:

You do not always need to buy new boxes for moving things.

Understand your local area and find out the places form where you can get the boxes.

For example; If you are living in San Juan Puerto Rico, then you should learn more from this website.

You can always get spare boxes from local store or shops. Ask the shopkeepers to give them those boxes they are planning to dump.

Avoid Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap can cost you a fortune.

Instead, use clothes, sheets, and towels to pack breakable items.

You can also use socks as a cover. This way you will save a good amount of money.

Move costly items by Yourself:

Rather than moving everything in a truck, move all the costly things such as jewellery, property documents, breakable accessories by yourself.

Be Kind:

Be kind to the people of moving service.

Offer them water and snacks, and they will help you move things safely. You should understand that they are not self employed but working for a service owned by someone else. This website talks about what are the hands on career.

Building human connection always pays well.

Take Pictures:

To avoid property damage issues and security deposit disputes, you should take photographs.

Take photographs of the old house when it is the empty and new house before moving in.

These photos will work as solid evidence.

Handy Hardware:

Tag brackets, tapes, screws, and mountain pieces to the furniture they belong to.

This will help you avoid the situation where you will find where you have left these things.


Moving is a tedious process. You have to be calm, patient and plan to make the move less stressful.

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