August 09, 2021

How Pinterest Users Can Make Money Idea Pins and Brand Partnerships?

Pinterest users can make money online using affiliate links.

Pinterest has allowed users to turn idea pins to Pinterest shopping pins. When a user visits the tagged product and buys that product, the publisher will earn an affiliate commission.

How to Make Money with Pinterest? eAskme
How to Make Money with Pinterest? eAskme


You can tag any product in idea pins. It is a wise idea to use idea pins as they are 9time more engaging than standalone pins.

Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest has introduced idea pins in May 2021. It allows users to post videos from the business account. People from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France can use this feature.

Idea pins are the better version of story pins. They both behave similarly but perform differently.

Pinterest Idea Pins Include:

  • Instruction pages
  • Up to 20 pages of video recording and editing.
  • Voiceover recording
  • Ghost Mode Transition Tools
  • Stickers and Tagging
  • Topic Tagging
  • Multi-draft save option
  • Export option
  • Followers can see Idea pins in the home feed.
  • Pinterest users can tag products in idea pins.
  • Users can also add affiliate links from the programs like ShopStyle and Rakuten.

Brand Partnerships:

Pinterest’s new paid partnership tool will allow the users to disclose their partnership with the brand.

It means that creators will have the ability to add brand names to idea pins. But the brand must approve the tag to let the user publish their name in “Paid Partnership.”

All the businesses in UK and USA will get the ability to use the Idea Pins product tagging tool.

The Pinterest Paid Partnership tool is already available for people living in the USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Sweden, Chile, Argentina, Spain, etc.


Pinterest users can make money online with brand partnerships and by adding affiliate links to idea pins.

Stay tuned to learn more ways to make money online.

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