April 12, 2021

Pinterest has Launched the New Code of Conduct: Creator Code, Comment Moderation tool for Positive content

Pinterest has launched creator code with a focus to set mandatory guidelines for Pinterest users.

It means, soon all the Pinterest users will see the mandatory code of conduct in action.

Pinterest has Launched the New Code of Conduct: Creator Code, Comment Moderation tool for Positive content: eAskme
Pinterest has Launched the New Code of Conduct: Creator Code, Comment Moderation tool for Positive content: eAskme

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The creator code will help the platform become clean, engaging, and safe for a better user experience.

Pinterest has launched 3 new features such as;

  • Creator Code
  • Pinterest Comment Moderation Tools
  • Pinterest Creator Fund

The Creator code brings all the Pinterest policies under the bright light. Now the users can see and must follow creator code policies set by the Pinterest team.

This is a major update for Pinterest content creators. They must follow the set guidelines to stay on the Pinterest network.

Pinterest users must accept creator code guidelines before publishing new pins.

Creator Code will help Pinterest keep the platform filled with user-friendly content online, which is a positive decision.

Not just Creator code, but Pinterest has also introduced new moderation tools features to make it easy for you to moderate comments.

Pinterest is also interested in paying creators for content creation, and for this purpose, they have launched the “Creator Fund” feature.

Here is everything that you must know about these features.

Pinterest Creator Code:

You must accept the mandatory Creator Code before posting pins on Pinterest.

According to Pinterest, the Creator Code is mandatory for all. It will educate users to publish compassionate and inclusive content.

Creator Code guidelines are empowering the creators.

5 major Guidelines of the Creator Code:

Be Kind:

Post content that never shames others or makes others feel inferior.

Check facts:

Before publishing, make sure the post is factual and accurate.

Understand triggers:

Focus on discretion when publishing sensitive pins.

Never Harm:

All the challenges and CTA is safe.

The Creator Code is available at PinterestCreatorCode.com. You will find complete details about Pinterest guidelines here.

Content that is against Pinterest Creator Code Guidelines:

  • Fashion Don’ts or What not to wear, etc.
  • Stereotype posts of communities or cultures
  • Content that insults public figures
  • Unsupported conspiracies, theories, and facts
  • Risky challenges or content
  • Explicit art
  • Sensitive information
  • Graphic content
  • Before and after images, etc.

Pinterest already de-promotes such content. The Creator Code is giving importance to allow more civilized content on its platform.

Pinterest users will also get better hands-on experience managing the level of content while making pins more engaging.

Pinterest Comment Moderation Tool:

Pinterest gives you more features and tools to create a positive vibe through the pins or Pinterest boards.

You might have a lot of followers who are commenting on your Pins. You must moderate their comments.

Positivity Reminders:

Users must follow Pinterest guidelines to identify offensive comments.

Moderation Tools:

Pinterest Moderation tool offers keyword filtering and comment removal.

Featured Comment:

With this feature, you can feature up to 3 comments.

Spam Prevention Signals:

Pinterest is using machine learning to identify and delete bad comments.

Pinterest Creator Fund:

Pinterest Creator Funs is for creators on Pinterest. It will help the creators to get funds from different communities.

User can get training, creative strategy, and financial support with Pinterest Creator Fund.

What do you think about this Pinterest update?

Have you ever moderated comments?

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