September 05, 2021

How to Design a Studio Apartment?

Do you want a studio apartment? Do you know how to design a studio apartment?

It takes tames, creative thinking, planning, and practicality to design a studio apartment.

How to Design a Studio Apartment?: eAskme
How to Design a Studio Apartment?: eAskme

Today, I am covering what you need to know and should do to design a studio apartment.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a small house with a living, kitchen, and bedroom in one-room space.

You may find a separate kitchen in some studio apartments.

How to decorate a studio apartment?

First, you need to understand what you want from your studio apartment.

  • Do you want it for work or just for your study period?
  • Do you want to live solo or plan to have dinner parties?

Your need will help you decide what you should do when designing your studio apartment.

Let’s start with how to divide studio apartment space.

How to divide a studio apartment?

You do not need many things to divide space in a studio apartment. 

You can divide the space between bedroom, kitchen, etc.

  • Use Bookshelf to divide a studio apartment
  • Use Rugs to divide a studio apartment
  • Use movable screens to divide a studio apartment
  • Use Loft bed to divide a studio apartment
  • Use Curtains to divide a studio apartment
  • Use Glass Wall to divide a studio apartment
  • Use Canopy Bed to divide a studio apartment
  • Use Smart Furniture to divide a studio apartment

After dividing the studio apartment space, it is time to decide on furniture.

Use Multifunctional furniture:

Using multifunctional furniture will help you save space and money.

You can use:

  • Wardrobe with open shelves
  • Bed with storage space, sofa bed, murphy bed, best rig mats
  • Folding tables, etc.

You should also decide on the color scheme.

The color scheme in the studio apartment:

The color choice is personal. It can be different person-to-person or interest.

There is nothing good or bad in the color scheme if you know what you need.

You can keep it simple by using a single color, or you can use multiple colors.

Most of the time, people prefer light and calm colors in the studio apartment.


Once you have everything in place, ask your movers to pack your bag and shift to the new studio apartment.

You can also use Mavic 2 to get the video of a studio apartment.

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