October 17, 2021

Pest Controlish Site: How You Can Control Rodents in Your House

No doubt, rodents cannot be welcome visitors to any home. This is because rodents can carry diseases that can affect your loved ones.

Worse still, they can also be destructive, meaning they can chew through walls, electrical wiring, and wiring.

Pest Controlish Site: How You Can Control Rodents in Your House: eAskme
Pest Controlish Site: How You Can Control Rodents in Your House: eAskme

This is the reason why you need to reclaim your home by getting rid of rodents immediately.

The good news is that there are various ways you can do this effectively and safely.

This article discusses how you can control rodents in your house.

Getting rid of rodents

Even if you decide to get rid of rodents in your home, this cannot last long because you will still have rodents outside your house.

You can contact Seattle Rodent Abatement to help you get rid of rodents.

Remember that rodents tend to enter homes to look for food and shelter, especially in the winter months.

With this in mind, you need to do the following to get rid of rodents around your home:

Keep the garden clean

Rodents do not like open spaces, so it’s a good idea to trim your garden and lawn.

You should also make sure that they are clutter-free and clean so that you can discourage the rodents from settling there.

Also, consider trimming grass regularly, close storage sheds, remove piles of leaves or wood, and seal any holes in the exterior storage bins.

It’s also important to make sure that you don’t leave leftover food outside your home. Lastly, you should clean up vegetables, fruits, or even pet food.

Attract the birds

Rodents have many natural predators, so you should invite these predators to your home space.

For example, owls can eat a lot of rodents during the night. But to attract these birds of prey like owls, you need to create an ideal habitat.

Therefore, you should have a water source to the garden and even consider making a nest box.

However, you must avoid placing bird feed for these birds.

After all, rodents are already food for these birds, and bird feed can attract more rodents to your home.

Use dry ice

Dry ice is a good way you can get rid of rodents without using poison.

Keep in mind that dry ice can produce carbon dioxide that can anesthetize and kill rodents.

To have good results, you need to put this dry ice where the rodents enter the burrows.

And, make sure that you use gloves and other protective equipment because dry ice can sometimes harm your skin.

Set traps

Another great way you can get rid of rodents quickly is to set up traps.

For good results, you should use snap traps as they are an effective way of killing rodents.

Prevent other animals like your pets from getting into these traps, so you need to put them in a box.

It’s worth noting that you can bait the traps using peanut butter because it’s attractive to rodents.

And, if you see the rodents eating a specific thing in your home, you can use it to bait the trap.

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