October 04, 2021

5 Facts About Online Casinos You Probably Didn’t Know

If you were to look for exciting facts about online casinos a decade or so ago, you would’ve encountered the Wild West. The industry was all but rampant, with unregulated operators galore, mind-boggling promotions, and all hell breaking loose.

However, nowadays, the sector is still looking for its rightful place in the world of internet-legal gambling.

Since the industry is globally widespread, different countries have put in place various regulations.

The goal was leveling the playing field and ensuring safety and reliability for both the house and the player.

5 Facts About Online Casinos You Probably Didn’t Know: eAskme
5 Facts About Online Casinos You Probably Didn’t Know: eAskme

But despite regulators’ best efforts, there are still unexpected occurrences that destabilize the industry.

As a result, millions have been lost, millions more won, and such uncertainty is the reason why more and more people decide to play gambling games.

Therefore, join us below as we uncover some facts about this remarkable sector you might not have known.

Facts About Online Casinos: Top Five List

Online gambling is a globally popular pastime with a long and turbulent history.

Countless players take this activity for granted and don’t presume that learning more about the industry’s inner workings can help them have more fun or win more.

However, taking the time to read little-known facts or trivia can give you a new perspective on the matter.

Therefore, here are the facts you should keep in mind:

  • Tipping online dealers should become a habit
  • Online blackjack doesn’t allow counting cards
  • Slot games are the casinos’ cash cow
  • Live games help with transparency
  • Legality is region-dependent.

Tipping Online Dealers Should Become A Habit

Playing online makes it strange to tip a casino.

However, there’s no shortage of operators that not only provide this option but also expect players to give a bit back when they’re done playing.

However, whether or not (and how much) you should tip depends on whether the dealer was a computer or a real person.

It’s perfectly natural to feel unnatural about tipping a computer, but there’s a crucial consideration here. Most online casino sites don’t charge players to register.

If anything, they are more likely to pay you to sign up to their site. So don’t worry about tipping if you lose.

But, on the other hand, you should give the operator a few extra dollars for their trouble if you win handsomely.

Online Blackjack Doesn’t Allow Counting Cards

Few facts about online casinos (and casinos in general) are as intriguing as card counting.

Counting cards is a gambling technique that makes it possible to gain an advantage in card games because you gain more information than you usually would.

The existence of this technique is famous because of various pop-culture movies and books.

However, despite its reputation, few punters take the time to master the method they use when gambling.

But one of the lesser-known online casino facts is that this technique isn’t all that complicated to learn.

Additionally, forget about the stories of having your legs broken if you’re caught counting in a land-based casino.

Counting cards isn’t illegal, meaning you won’t go to jail, but the casino staff will likely ask you to leave, nothing more and nothing less.

By the way, this technique is impossible to use online.

Counting cards doesn’t exist as an option in online venues because these operators use randomized card selection to prevent card counting.

Slot Games Are The Casinos’ Cash Cow

Slots are among the most straightforward casino titles because they require minimal input to enjoy.

Moreover, since they’re so simple, players can enjoy hundreds of rounds in a matter of minutes, which further adds to their appeal.

Among the most thrilling aspects of these games is that they return a high percentage of the money to the bettor.

Regardless, the house always wins because of a built-in advantage, and the house slowly but surely profits because the rounds are so short.

In online gambling, casinos that rely on online slots are consistently among the most profitable.

In other words, any wins you can land in these games will always be in the short term.

That’s why it makes sense to choose casinos that have the highest RTP games on offer.

We recommend Cosmo Casino because of its slot selection.

Additionally, the second deposit makes you eligible for an additional 100% deposit match bonus, which can boost your bankroll even more.

Live Games Help With Transparency

Online gambling platforms usually let computers and algorithms handle most of the heavy lifting.

Such a setup is the advantage of conducting business over the internet, and it’s a standard method most operators use.

However, the number of websites offering real-life dealers is also growing.

There are numerous reasons for introducing in-person dealers in online casinos.

  1. First, countless punters miss the bustling atmosphere of land-based casinos. Gambling originated as a social activity and playing at home, although comfortable, takes away that aspect.
  2. Second, it’s human nature to be suspicious, and there’s always a doubt that online games may be rigged against the players.

Although this is not the case, it’s challenging to know that you’re getting a fair deal when there’s no human element involved.

Therefore, discounting the results when there’s a real person on the other end is more complicated.

Online operators who care about transparency understand this fact, which is why many of them insist on live games.

Legality Is Region-Dependent

It can be tricky to explain the various legal aspects of online gambling.

Finding a parallel might be challenging, but there’s a straightforward method for describing it.

Think about the legalization of marijuana in the United States of America.

Gambling legality is similar to this situation.

In other words, gambling is perfectly legal in some jurisdictions, theoretically illegal in others, but unless it’s an enormously large operation, the authorities generally don’t complain.

You’ll notice that sometimes, in certain real-money casinos, the payment options aren’t as straightforward as for other online transactions.

The reason for this setup is that players typically need to jump through several loopholes not to break the law if they’re playing from a region where online gambling isn’t entirely legal.


Though not quite as fascinating as other facts about online casinos, legality is a significant concern for any wannabe punter.

Always make sure to check with customer support which payment options are available in your area.

Good luck!

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