January 22, 2022

Increasing Your Win Ratio in Crypto Trading: Here’s How!

Do you know what truly matters in crypto trading?


If it’s not your ultimate goal, then it’s better not to invest at all.

Increasing Your Win Ratio in Crypto Trading: Here’s How!: eAskme
Increasing Your Win Ratio in Crypto Trading: Here’s How!: eAskme

Because chances are, you might be losing more money, and you’ll regret it later on.

While that’s rarely the case for most investors, such a mindset still exists - investing passively as though it’s like gambling.

Seriously, you can do better.

It means playing the game wisely, no matter what cards you get.

This is business, and you know what that means, right? So then, you must take it from there.

If you get into crypto trading one day, the exciting part is that you can take control of the outcomes - at least to some extent.

But it requires prudence and patience as you have to deal with market volatility.

Price fluctuations happen pretty often, and before you know it, you’re already in a challenging position.

So what are you going to do when you don’t know the tricks to handle risks and still pursue your targets?

That probably leaves you clueless.

To increase your win ratio in crypto trading, you can learn the principles best applied in the highly unpredictable market.

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Learn the Market Equilibrium:

One common thing in every market is that there’s always a haunt for equilibrium.

You can look at any chart in the crypto market, and you’ll notice that any price swing is generally met with an equal and opposite movement in the other direction.

It’s the never-changing principle to understand crypto trading better. Many traders have lost more money getting fooled by chasing the markets.

They see things going up and buy high, just moments before price fluctuations in the other trajectory.

Interestingly, the law of physics has a connection to this phenomenon in the crypto market.

Let’s break down each one:


Equilibrium in the financial market is about a constant balance between opposite forces.

The market can only move in two directions, and every trading transaction is a decision between buying or selling.

Using polarity, you can quantify the market to make a sound choice.

Some of  the polarities to help you analyze market conditions include:

  • Bull trend vs. bear trend
  • Buying vs. selling
  • Volatile vs. stable
  • High vs. low
  • Support vs. resistance
  • Good vs. bad news
  • Healthy trend vs. unhealthy trend
  • Following the trend vs. contrarian trading


There’s a constant interaction between buying and selling assets that can cause natural cycles in the market.

For example, most breakouts or breakdowns happen with a series of large spikes followed by a retracement, choppiness, and consolidation.

So it’s essential to know the rhythm of price action to time the markets and predict future outcomes.

Standards of Quality over Quantity:

Many people believe that money is the essential thing in business.

Well, that’s the goal.

But the reality is that quantity is just an outcome because working your way through the market requires making decisions based on qualitative indicators.

So you have to make sure that you trade in market conditions conducive to your goals.

The trick is to avoid thinking that you always need to trade.

Quality over quantity is the ultimate key to effective trading. Keep in mind that there are market conditions that offer a higher probability than 50/50.

Using the equilibrium principle, you can recognize what patterns can tilt probabilities in your favor.

Look for Predictable Patterns and Techniques:

Here’s the good news: there are many ways to make money trading in the market.

You may even use a combination of strategies to spot and take advantage of opportunities.

But generally, there’s one strategy that stands out above the others and brings consistent returns.

That’s none other than finding a predictable pattern and technique to exploit the market.

Remember that effective trading isn’t just about having more fancy tricks, but more so, about strategies that convert to results—the more consistent your returns, the better.

There are fundamental and technical indicators to guide you in predicting price movements in the crypto market.

In addition, you might see patterns that are useful in making the right decisions.

If you can find that one kick trick that works for all, your success is almost guaranteed!

Work on Building a Flexible Framework:

Increasing your winning ratio in crypto trading is not just about complex trade analysis.

Looking at the most straightforward techniques may prove more helpful at times.

Remember that there are two primary directions that a market can go, up or down.

So even without looking at specific variables, any trade can offer a 50/50 probability.

Many traders become fixated on taking a challenging position and shifting from one side to another.

It’s a different story for a fluid trader - they look at possibilities and respond based on the prevailing market conditions.

Fancy charts are not the only important element because market analysis may sometimes be inaccurate and may lead you to the wrong side of a trade.

Being flexible is usually helpful to achieve your financial goals.

More essentially, balance is the key to successful trading.

This is about how long you can adapt to the market's direction without losing balance and falling into a loss.

To achieve a perfect balance in trading, you need to look at both sides of the coin.

You should also have a plan that can work well in both market outcomes, whether it’s going up or moving down.

Yet, having an entry and exit strategy helps win and lose trades.


Perhaps by now, you already have a clear idea of how to increase your winning ratio in crypto trading.

That’s great!

It gives you the right mindset that you are still in control of the outcomes no matter how unpredictable the market is.

The process might be more challenging and risky, but it’s all worth it when you come out victorious.

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