January 12, 2022

Investing In Bitcoin For The First Time? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

It is better to learn some basics and advanced things about bitcoin before trading. IG can help you use financial stocks like CFD to assume the price of bitcoin.

Investing In Bitcoin For The First Time? Here Are Some Helpful Tips: eAskme
Investing In Bitcoin For The First Time? Here Are Some Helpful Tips: eAskme

The item allows the user to maximize profit from the increase and decrease in price.

Bitcoin trading is very safe and very beneficial if you are a trader.
Bitcoin trading is a method of assuming the price increase and decrease in cryptocurrency.

Therefore, you can earn the amount of money that you have not to assume in your mind and your entire life with the help of bitcoin.

(1)  Learning Bitcoin Strategies:

Learning effective bitcoin strategies is important because certain factors affect the price of bitcoin you should know about.

Limited supply of bitcoin:

In the present year 2021, the bitcoin supply is limited to only 21 million coins which will be finished in 2140.

However, because bitcoin has a limited supply, its price could increase in the coming years if demand increases.

(2)  Choose how you want exposure to bitcoin:

There are some ways by which you can get exposure to bitcoin-

Bitcoin trading stocks:

If you trade bitcoin stocks with us, you will be betting on its price with CFDs instead of fully owning bitcoin.

This will help you assume the price of bitcoin, if it will go up and if it goes down.

There are other benefits of trading bitcoins which are as follows-

  • Leverage
  • Margin
  • Liquidity
  • Hedging

Choosing A Reliable Exchange Platform:

Those who use the bitcoin buy and hold strategy should buy bitcoin through an exchange if you buy the bitcoin in exchange to get direct ownership of cryptocurrency and assume that its value will increase.

Crypto 10 index:

If you trade Crypto 10 Index, it will give you the handle of 10 important cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

All these are only in one trade, not only this but also buying coins directly for you from the apps Like this trading platform.

This index trades in cryptocurrencies and closely tracks or mimics their underlying market value.

(3)  Decide whether to invest long or short term:

Financial stock trading allows the user to go long and short trading; it also depends on the present market situation.

For example, going long on bitcoin means you expect it to rise, while short means you expect it to drop.

(4) Set your limits before trading:

It's very important to set Stops and limits while doing trading to avoid exploitation, and when you are trading for bitcoin, you have a variety of options like-

  • Regular stops will close your position at a specific level, but they can continue if the main market price changes rapidly.
  • Stops in trading are used to stop profits while setting limits in your risk by following the desired motility in the market. However, they are also vulnerable to slippage.
  • Guaranteed Stop will close your position at a predetermined level, no matter the slippage.

(5) Open and monitor your trade:

If you want to open a bitcoin trade, you will buy if you think the price will go up and sell if you think the price will fall.

Once your transaction goes live, you need to watch it to make sure it is moving in the direction you expect.
Technical and advanced indicators on the bitcoin trading platform can help you to assume what the bitcoin price will do next in the market.

You can keep track of current market conditions such as maneuverability and gesture with the help of some indicators.

Trust official Bitcoin Era app for investment and trading tips.

(6) Lock the position to get a loss and profit:

You can also change or close your position whenever you want to take advantage and decrease losses that have reached a stage that creates discomfort for you.

The generated profits will automatically be credited to your trading account when you start making profits.


So, this was all you needed to know about bitcoin trading.

When planning to start bitcoin trading, read these mentioned-above informative points and take action accordingly.

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