January 12, 2022

Overview of Bitcoins Statistics- Know The Future Of Bitcoins

Bitcoin indeed has a limited market cap valuation of 21 million USD.

But it is one of the most traded currencies in the market, and in the coming years, its trading volume will increase to $30.72 billion.

But the question is how and why?

Overview Of Bitcoins Statistics- Know The Future Of Bitcoins: eAskme
Overview Of Bitcoins Statistics- Know The Future Of Bitcoins: eAskme


There are several myths related to bitcoins, and their volatile nature is not hidden from us.

Perhaps, that’s why people are so concerned about trading in this cryptocurrency and scared about investigating it.

However, recent studies have proven that the currency will revolutionize the trading platform no one can ever imagine, albeit in the positive direction.

So, to make you more aware, we will discuss some of the major areas where bitcoin can have a positive and life-changing impact in the coming time.

Adoption by more businesses:

According to the recent reports published in 2021, it’s expected that more and more businesses will accept Bitcoin as one of the payment methods in the upcoming years.

For example, Slovenia has already initiated Bitcoin as a method of business payments at 314 outlets approximately.

Furthermore, with new upgrades in the blockchain technology of Bitcoin, businesses will have the opportunity to process transactions internationally in the quickest possible method.

This is one of the major future trends that will completely change how we perceive the cryptocurrency market at present.

Bitcoin to be used as a prepaid payment method:

In 2017, Japan initiated Bitcoin as a legal prepaid payment method for many individual and commercial transactions.

As a result, these days, many countries follow the footsteps of Japan, declaring this particular cryptocurrency as a legal payment unit.

Even though it won’t happen overnight, hope is still there because no other cryptocurrency can deliver the performance at such an optimal level as Bitcoin.

Besides, with Bitcoin being accepted as a prepaid payment method, several businesses and individuals have better investment options in insurance or provident funds.

Environmental concerns through bitcoin mining:

In 2019, it was observed that the production of carbon dioxide due to Bitcoin mining was skyrocketing, and there was no way of reducing it to normal levels.

Therefore, many top officials of the crypto market collaborated with environmentalists worldwide to find solutions to reduce carbon dioxide production without sacrificing the Bitcoin mining process.

As a result, perhaps changes will be introduced in the mining process, where decoding the hash program will be easier but specific to data miners only.

Elimination of centralized regulations:

One of the major benefits of the crypto market is its decentralized operations.

No government or centralized body can regulate the transactions or levy their rules on the traders.

If bitcoin is legalized in the countries, it will become possible to eliminate the corruptions and redundancies present in centralized financial governing bodies.

However, to do so, first, countries need to accept bitcoin as a currency despite it being virtual.

Faster transactions and more volume:

It is believed that any crypto transaction involving the bitcoin currency is much faster than others.

However, if it is accepted for business and individual transactions, more speed needs to be.

As a result, the top heads and miners are trying to process more transactions per day while maintaining the limited market cap valuation of the currency.

Once the transaction speed increases, the bitcoin crypto market will become a hotspot for traders and investors.

Improved blockchain security:

Uber had to pay a huge compensation in 2019 in terms of bitcoin because the transaction ledger was hacked.

To prevent such mishaps, many officials and the top heads of the crypto market are trying to secure the blockchain and the ledgers.

The hash code that needs to be decoded to add the transaction details into the block will be more difficult.

Furthermore, in-built wallets will have double-level authorizations so that no one can hack personal information, like bank account details and the private key.


If bitcoin becomes one of the major cryptocurrencies in the coming years, it’s evident that more crypto exchange platforms will launch into the market.

Furthermore, some of these platforms will be solely based on this currency, like the bitqt app.

Therefore, traders will have complete independence in dealing with BTC and make profits or investments.

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