February 16, 2022

Top 5 Live Dealer Games by Evolution Gaming

The online gambling industry is fiercely competitive, and only developers who offer fascinating and unique content survive.

Evolution Gaming is a provider that offers a unique user experience in the sphere, overwhelmed with the same-type slots and mechanics.

While many other developers copy each other’s ideas, Evolution gives its fans new topics and mechanics.

Top 5 Live Dealer Games by Evolution Gaming: eAskme
Top 5 Live Dealer Games by Evolution Gaming: eAskme

The provider’s portfolio includes dozens of live dealer games.

Some of them can be tested on platforms familiar to every Canadian gambler, like Zodiac casino.

In this article, we will tell you more about the five most interesting Evolution Gaming releases.

1) Crazy Time:

Crazy Time is a popular variation of the Wheel of Fortune with additional payout multipliers across sectors and four types of bonus games.

At the beginning of each round, a random number generator chooses a sector with an increased payout.

The most colorful wheel is divided into 54 random segments.

At the beginning of the draw, users are given time to bet on different sectors.

The number of selectable fields is not limited. If desired, the player can bet on each outcome.

The chance of getting a bonus round is 16%. This means that on average, the wheel stops on one of them every 6-7 spins.

All bonus features are different:

Coin Flip:

With the help of a special machine, the dealer tosses a coin. One side is red, the other is blue. Before the flip, payout multipliers for each option are determined;

Cash Hunt:

Users are shown a large screen with 108 symbols. Each of them has its own multiplier. The player must randomly select one of the cells. They open when all users place bets;


The dealer goes to the Pachinko wall and throws a ball from above into the playing field. Overcoming the path to the bottom, it eventually falls into one of the lower cells. Each sector has its own multiplier;

Crazy Time:

This is the main bonus in the game. This is a large wheel with huge payout multipliers. The player needs to choose one of three arrows. The sector that dropped out at the end determines the size of the prize money.

2) Monopoly:

The game won the 2019 Gaming Intelligence Award for Best Live Dealer Entertainment.

It takes users into a studio with a wheel divided into 54 segments.

These are the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, which give the corresponding payout multipliers, the “Chance” field with random rewards, and two bonus games for 2 and 4 rolls.

Users are given 12 seconds to place their bets. The dealer then spins the wheel.

If the arrow points to a field with two and four rolls, the bonus round starts:

  • Players are shown a field, the sectors of which are gradually filled with multipliers, starting with small ones and ending with large ones;
  • A special machine throws two dice. These are not virtual, but real cubes. The dropped number moves the player’s chip across the field by a given number of cells. This happens 2 or 4 times, depending on how many rolls fell on the main wheel;
  • If the player makes a full circle on the playing field, then all multipliers will double. The game continues until the moment when all the moves are used.

You can win more than x10,000 of your bet in Monopoly Live, but the maximum prize money is limited to £500,000.

3) Cash or Crash:

This is a relatively new live game from Evolution Gaming. Users are offered to place bets, climb the 20-step money ladder and receive payouts with a multiplier of up to x50,000.

Unlike the two previous games, there is no wheel of luck and sectors here.

In the center of the studio, there is a transparent flask filled with green and red balls.

After accepting bets, the mechanism located in the center of the container lifts one of them up.

If a green ball falls out, the prize money is credited, if it is red, the game ends.

There is also one yellow ball. It gives the right to one mistake without consequences. As you move up the steps, the prize money will gradually increase. The main task of the user is to stop in time.

4) Lightning Roulette:

At first glance, this game is similar to the standard European roulette, but it has several important differences.

The main one is the so-called “lightning” numbers, which increase the payout multipliers by 50-500 times on each spin.

The lucky number is determined randomly at the beginning of the round. Up to five numbers can be struck by lightning.

After accepting bets, the random number generator determines from one to five “lightning” numbers. The selected numbers will be paid from x50 to x500 of the bet.

5) Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt:

The idea of this game is that users first select stones of a certain color, and then place handprints on the field.

You need to select those cells in which, according to the client, slabs of the corresponding shades will be opened.

There are 6 stones in total, giving different payout ratios:

  • Gray – x1;
  • Yellow – x2;
  • Purple – x4;
  • Green – x8;
  • Blue – x20;
  • Red – x65.

The user determines the size of the bet independently for each stone, but their total number should be from 1 to 20.

It is impossible to mark more than twenty cells at a time.

After accepting bets, additional multipliers appear on the field. They are randomly distributed.

Then, stones of different colors begin to open. If the marked place matches the user’s bet, he receives a payout.

Games with real dealers allow you to bring the online entertainment format as close as possible to the atmosphere of a live casino.

Users watch the process live, can follow the actions of the dealer, and even chat with him.

Variety of entertainments and their originality become important advantages of Live games, especially when it comes to Evolution releases.

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