July 13, 2022

Russia Ukraine Crisis Live Updates: 47 people died in Chasiv Yar

By Sona Mathews

Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

Russia Ukraine Crisis Live Updates: 47 people died in Chasiv Yar: eAskme
Russia Ukraine Crisis Live Updates: 47 people died in Chasiv Yar: eAskme
  • According to Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defence Minister,  Russian forces captured 156 sq miles of territory.
  • Ukrainian drones struck industrial sites in the Tatarstan.
  • 47 people died in Chasiv Yar.
  • European Space Agency terminated cooperation with Russia.
  • USA will provide 4 more rocket systems to Ukraine.
  • 3 people killed in Kharkiv due to Russian missile strike.
  • Russian missile strike has destroyed university in Kharkiv.
  • Putin praises Russian forces for taking Luhansk region.
  • Russian hackers are targeting Ukraine's biggest private energy firm, "DTEK Group."
  • Russia Ukraine war is causing inflation.
  • Severodonetsk is facing fierce fighting.
  • Severodonetsk is under Russian control.
  • Ukraine is trying to unblock seaports.
  • Russia loses Major General Roman Kutuzov in Donbas.
  • Putin blames the West for international energy and food crisis.
  • Russian shelling has destroyed 113 churches in Ukraine.
  • French citizen and journalist Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff killed in Ukraine.
  • US military hackers have conducted cyber operations for Ukraine.
  • Russian cruise missiles hit the railway in western Ukraine.
  • UK will give rocket system with 50 miles range to Ukraine.
  • Ukraine is losing 100 soldiers every day.
  • European Council will grant 9 billion euros to Ukraine.
  • US can keep 100,000 troops in Europe.
  • The ordinary Ukrainians fighting against Russia.
  • Odesa under missile attacks.
  • UK expands import sanctions against Belarus and Russia.
  • Ukrainian government working to evacuate military, medic.
  • 25 civilians evacuated from Azovstal.
  • 200 Ukrainian soldiers have completed howitzer training.
  • Zelensky asked longer-range weaponry.
  • Russian forces have made small progress in Donbas.
  • Japan has announced additional sanctions on Russia.
  • Ukrainians strike Snake Island.
  • 290 civilian dead bodies found in Irpin.
  • US said that WNBA player Brittney Griner is wrongfully detained in Russia.
  • 5 people injured in Mykolaiv.
  • UK prime minister has offered new military aid to Ukraine.
  • Russia accuses Israel of supporting Neo-Nazi in Ukraine.
  • 1.1 million Ukrainians have been evacuated to Russian territory.
  • US Olympic Committee has offered support to Brittney Griner release from Russia.
  • Zelensky said that Russia has forgotten the lessons of World War II.
  • Ukrainians celebrated Easter
  • French President says Ukraine war will not stop soon.
  • Around 100 injured and 30 dead in Kramatorsk railway station strike.
  • Japan will expel eight Russian diplomats.
  • Russian shelling in Kharkiv.
  • Russia is looking for army replacements.
  • Ukraine will open 10 humanitarian corridors.
  • UN suspends Russia from Human Rights Council.
  • Australia will send 20 armored vehicles to Ukraine.
  • Russian troops were discussing killing Ukrainian civilians in intercepted radio transmissions.
  • Curfews announced around Bucha.


  • Humanitarian convoys were raided by Russian forces.
  • UK will send more lethal aid to Ukraine.
  • Evacuation convoy moving toward Mariupol.

According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, indicative estimates of Russia’s combat losses till now.: eAskme
According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, indicative estimates of Russia’s combat losses till now.: eAskme

  • According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, indicative estimates of Russia’s combat losses till now.
  • Chernihiv under colossal attack.
  • Russian and Chinese foreign ministers meet in Tunxi.


  • Complete city blocks destroyed in central Mariupol.
  • Putin has created a global food crisis.
  • 12 dead in Russian attack in Mykolaiv.
  • Humanitarian corridors reopen in southeast Ukraine.


  • Cyberattack on Ukrainian telecom provider.
  • US sending 6 Navy electronic warfare jets to Germany.
  • Ukraine will not accept territorial losses.


  • Ukraine will accept neutral, non-nuclear status to end the war.
  • Loud explosion in Kyiv.
  • Qatar will not make new investments in Russia.
  • Russia has blocked German website Bild.


  • Strikes reported in Volyn region.
  • Biden said that Russian people are not enemy. 
  • More attacks in Lviv.


  • American Tyler Jacob freed from Russian detention.
  • Ukraine said that Wagner group contractors were involved in Zelensky assassination plot.
  • Russian military have full control of Kherson.


  • Ukraine needs 500 Stingers and 500 Javelins daily.
  • More than 1000 people died in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian teen escaped from Chernihiv.


  • Russian journalist killed in Kyiv.
  • UK will announce military support package for Ukraine.
  • 1,000 residential buildings have been hit by Russian attack in Kharkiv.
  • Moscow Stock Exchange will resume trading Thursday.


  • Russian armed forces have stolen buses driving from Mariupol.
  • TotalEnergies will not buy Russian oil .
  • Russian army has destroyed Ukrainian train station.
  • Russian paramilitary is fighting in Ukraine.


  • Russia has increased naval activity in northern Black Sea.
  • European Unions will give more financial support to Ukraine.
  • Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher raised $30 million for Ukrainian refugees.


  • Ukraine will not surrender Mariupol.
  • Russian military has detained protesters.


  • Russia has launched hypersonic missiles against Ukraine.
  • Russian cosmonauts came at the International Space Station in suits with colors of Ukrainian flag.


Russia Ukraine Crisis War Live Updates: eAskme
Russia Ukraine Crisis War Live Updates:Russia will hit any weapons shipments going to Ukraine.: eAskme
  • 100+ strollers placed in Lviv to mark the deaths of 100 or more children in Ukraine.
  • Russia will hit any weapons shipments going to Ukraine.


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger sent message to Russians.
  • Australia has imposed new sanctions on Russian oligarchs and banks.
  • US citizen James Whitney Hill killed in Ukraine.


  • Ukrainians are making homemade body armor.
  • US can send Switchblade drones to Ukraine.
  • 103 children killed in Ukraine.


  • 29,000 people were evacuated from Sumy and Mariupol.
  • Chernobyl power plant has reconnected to Ukraine's national electricity grid.
  • Russian forces have fired more than 950 missiles.
  • Prime ministers of Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia are in Kyiv.


  • South Korea can send military supplies to Ukraine.
  • Korean Air has suspended services to Moscow.
  • Fox News correspondent injured in Ukraine.


American journalist killed in Irpin.: eAskme
American journalist killed in Irpin.: eAskme

  • American journalist killed in Irpin.
  • Nine people killed near Mykolaiv.
  • Historic Ukrainian monastery destroyed by Russians.
  • Russia could target ships  carrying foreign weapons to Ukraine.


  • Multiple explosions near Lviv.
  • Chernobyl nuclear plant is running on generators.
  • Moscow Stock Exchange suspended trading for more days.


 World Bank has approved $723 million financing package for Ukraine.: eAskme
  • Air Astana and Pegasus Airlines has suspended flights to Russia
  • Russian major general killed in Ukraine War.
  • Ukraine has lost communications with Chernobyl.


  • Russian Army is firing weapons from distance.
  • US is blaming Putin for high gas prices.
  • US and Canada stand together against in Russian outrage.
  • Putin and Lukashenko will meet on Friday.
  • Estonia has banned tourist visas to Russians.


  • Ukrainian military defeated Russian tank regiment.
  • 6000 Russian troops killed in Ukraine war.
  • Ukrainian military claim defeat of Russian tank regiment northeast of Kyiv
  • US House passd ban on Russian coal, oil, and natural gas.
  • Russian forces has bombed a maternity and children's hospital in Mariupol.


  • Shell will not Russian crude oil.
  • 21 Ukrainians killed in Sumy Strike.
  • World Bank has approved $723 million financing package for Ukraine.
  • Russia can cut of Europe’s gas supply.


  • Zelensky said that Russia will not stop.
  • Pentagon thinks that Putin will recruit fighters from Syria.


US may provide fighter jets to Ukraine with the help of Poland: eAskme
  • Ukraine military is defending the cities of Chernihiv and Mariupol.
  • No electricity in the city of Mariupol.
  • US may provide fighter jets to Ukraine with the help of Poland.
  • Ukraine war will impact global economies.


 Russia has announced a ceasefire to allow humanitarian corridors in Volnovakha and Mariupol.: eAskme
  • Russia has announced a ceasefire to allow humanitarian corridors in Volnovakha and Mariupol.
  • Russian military will allow civilians to flee Volnovakha and Mariupol.
  • Elon Musk will not block Russian propaganda.
  • Russia will deploy up to 1,000 mercenaries to Ukraine.


 Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is on fire: eAskme
  • Fire at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant stopped.
  • Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is on fire.
  • Ukrainian Firefighters are unable to reach fire at nuclear power plant.
  • Fighting has stopped near Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.
  • Airbnb will suspend operations in Belarus and Russia.


White House says there are no plans for Biden-Putin meeting or call: eAskme

  • Pentagon praises Ukranian forces.
  • Russian will not sell rocket engines to the US.
  • White House have no plans for Putin-Biden meeting.
  • Zelensky pleaded NATO to create no-fly zone over Ukraine.
  • Zelensky pleaded NATO to create no-fly zone over Ukraine: eAskme
  • Russia has launched more than 450 missiles in Ukraine.

Russia has launched more than 450 missiles in Ukraine.: eAskme


  • One million people have left Ukraine in 7 days.
  • Kherson is the First Ukranian city that has fallen to Russians Forces.
  • Russia-Ukraine Will talk today for the second time.
  • Russian and Belarusian athletes will participate at 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.
  • Russian Central Bank has suspended bank transfers to non-residents.
  • Natural gas prices hiked by 60% in Europe hit record high.
  • Poland will not send fighter jets to Ukraine.
  • Kharkiv facing massive shelling.
  • South Korea will ban 7 Russian banks.
  • More than 2,000 Ukrainian civilians killed.

28th Feb 2022:

Russian military convoy near Kyiv is more than 40 miles long: eAskme

  • Australia is sending missiles to Ukraine.
  • Disney will not release any movie in Russia.
  • Russian military convoy is 40 miles long.
  • Brazil is giving "humanitarian passport" to Ukrainian refugees

27th Feb 2022:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will Meet Russian on Monday but do not expect much: eAskme
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine-Russia will talk on Monday
  • Ukraine and Russian meeting in Belarus has started.
  • Zelenskiyy wants to fast track the process of joining Ukrain into the bloc.
  • Missile attacks and fight still going on in various Ukranian cities.
  • England will not play any Football match with Russia in foreseeable future.
  • Russian Central bank reserves will be blocked.
  • Sputnik and Russia Today are banned.
  • Czech Republic, Poland and Sweden will not play with Russia.
  • Ukraine-Russia will talk on Monday.
  • Air France not taking any flights to Russia.

26th Feb 2022:

Miss Grand Ukraine Anastassia Lenna is in the Fight Against Russian Army: eAskme

Miss Grand Ukraine is in the Fight Against Russian Army:

Anastassia Lenna, a former miss grand Ukraine, is now fighting against the Russian invasion.

Anastasia Lenna won the Miss Grand International beauty title in 2015. Now she is joining the Ukraine military to save Ukraine.
She has shared multiple posts on her Instagram profile. Anastasia has more than 75000 followers on Instagram. She is a marketing and management graduate.
As Russia entered Ukraine, she has shared many posts on Instagram asking people for donations and support for the Ukrainian army.
  • Lithuania has sent Military aid to Ukraine.
  • Germany has banned airspace for Russian aircrafts.
  • Russia force is facing strong Ukrainian resistance and logistical challenges.
  • Facebook/Meta has banned Russian state media from advertising on network.
  • YouTube has blocked Russian State Media channel in Ukraine and disabled monetization.
  • European Union and US has banned few Russian banks from Swift.
  • Few Oil tanks are on fire at Vasylkiv Air Base.
  • Massive explosions near Kyiv.
  • Russian troops are now following offensive strategies.
  • Germany will send missiles and anti-tank weapons to Ukraine
  • Kremlin website is facing cyber-attacks.
  • Kyiv under curfew till Monday.
  • Estonia, Latvia. Romania and Lithuania will ban Russian flights.
  • Biden has allowed $350 million to assist Ukraine including anti-armor and anti-aircraft systems.
  • Italy want to ban Russia from SWIFT.
  • Hungary will not block any sanctions.

25 Feb 2022:

  • According to Ukrainian military they have destroyed a Russian tank.
  • Ukrainians are leaning to use Kalashnikov to defend Ukraine. 
  • Ukrainians are leaning to use Kalashnikov to defend Ukraine: eAskme
    Ukrainians are leaning to use Kalashnikov to defend Ukraine: eAskme
  • Ukraine is ready to talk about peace and ceasefire.
  • South Kyiv is facing heavy fighting.
  • Series of explosions in Kyiv.
  • US has announced sanctions on Russians.
  • Zelensky said that Russians are attacking civil infrastructure and kindergartens.
  • Canadian prime minister also announced sanctions on Putin.
  • Germany has halted Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.
  • EU to freeze Putin and Lavrov's assets.
  • European Union to freeze Putin and Lavrov's assets
    European Union to freeze Putin and Lavrov's assets
  • According to US officials, Russia can kill Ukrainians if they do not surrender.
  • 92 Chernobyl power plant employees are now hostage by Russians.
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has closed its office in Moscow.
  • Poland has shipped a military convoy with war ammunition to Ukraine.
  • NATO Group has Activated NATO Response Force against Russian invasion of Ukraine.: eAskme
  • Czech Republic and Poland closing airspace for Russian airlines.
  • NATO Group has Activated NATO Response Force against Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • Sviatoslav Fursin and Yaryna Arieva got married the day Russia invaded Ukraine. They spent their first-day collecting rifles to defend Ukraine. 
  • Sviatoslav Fursin and Yaryna Arieva got married the day Russia invaded Ukraine. They spent their first-day collecting rifles to defend Ukraine. : eAskme
    Sviatoslav Fursin and Yaryna Arieva spent their first-day collecting rifles to defend Ukraine.

  • Delta is ending airline partnership with Russian airline Aeroflot.
  • Putin is making baseless claims about Ukrainians. Putin said that Ukraine armed forces should take power in their hands. He also said that people should not let Banderites use them as human shield.
  • Putin is making baseless claims about Ukrainians.: eAskme
    Putin is making baseless claims about Ukrainians.: eAskme
  • US says 200 missile launched in invasion have severely impacted civilian areas.
  • Ukrainian foreign minister urging US secretary to call European partners to ban Russia from SWIFT 
  • Ukrainian foreign minister calls on US secretary of state to urge European partners to ban Russia from SWIFT: eAskme
  • Russian military claims successful in Hostomel airfield
  • Ukraine is still retaining the control of important citiesAccording to Ukraine Belarus is trying to hack private emails.
  • European Union will Sanction Lavrov and Putin.
  • France has decided to provide defensive weapon support to Ukraine.
  • Turkey is not stopping Russian Warships.
  • Pope met Russian ambassadress regarding Ukraine crisis.
  • Formula One has canceled Russian Grand Prix.
  • United Nations is concerned about civilian causalities in Ukraine.
  • Russian airfield is targeting Ukrainian forces.
  • Kremlin is against Russians protesting without permission.
  • China has decided to stay away from commenting on Putin's Ukraine invasion.
  • 18,000 weapons given to Ukrainian reservists in Kyiv region.
  • Biden hits Russia with broad sanctions for Putin’s war in Ukraine
  • Russia presses invasion to outskirts of Ukrainian capital
  • I'm Russia's target number 1, says Ukraine president
  • UN gives $20 million to scale up Ukraine humanitarian aid
  • Russian passports burned in protest of Ukraine invasion
  • China seeks to fly its citizens out of Ukraine

What's going on in Kyiv?

Two explosions heard in Kyiv, says Ukraine official:

Russia to no longer host Champions League final:

Loud explosions heard in central Kyiv, says AFP:

Protests in Russia:

 'Great pain unleashed on Ukrainians': Biden on Russia's move:

 ‘For us, Ukraine is the same as Pakistan for India’: Russian scholar speaks on Ukraine invasion:

Chernobyl: current status of the nuclear site:

24 Feb 2022:

'Ukrainians are waking up in a different country'

Loud explosions heard in Kyiv city

UN holds emergency meeting on Ukraine crisis:

'Russia alone is responsible': Biden releases statement on Ukraine attack:

  • Russia doesn't have a goal to occupy Ukraine, claims Putin
  • Explosions reported in Kyiv, other cities

Russia begins ‘military operation:

  • Russia has said that rebels in Ukraine have asked Kremlin for military assistance.
  • Ukraine has restricted civilian aircrafts.
  • The US has repeated its warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin will face "significant consequences".
  • Ukraine's parliament and other government and banking websites were hit with DDOs attacks Wednesday.

Ukraine's President makes plea for peace.

Images show new deployments in western Russia within 16 km of Ukraine border.

  • In potential prelude to war, Kremlin says rebels want help.
  • Ukraine shuts airports, warns of airspace danger.
  • Russia partially shuts airspace near border with Ukraine, citing safety concern.
  • Airlines should stop flying over all of Ukraine's airspace - conflict zone monitor.
  • UN Security Council schedules emergency meeting on Ukraine.
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