March 09, 2022

The Best Property Investments in the United Kingdom Today

The 10 Best Property Investments in the United Kingdom

Thinking of investing in the UK property market but do not know where to start? Rest assured, we have you covered.

We have produced a list of 6 locations that are currently a terrific investment opportunity and picturesque.

The Best Property Investments in the United Kingdom Today: eAskme
The Best Property Investments in the United Kingdom Today: eAskme

As ever when making a significant purchase, always consult with legal professionals. We have written an insightful piece on what to look for in legal representation when buying a property.

So, let's get started. Here are the 6 best property investments in the UK:


A beautiful Victorian spa town is known for its architecture; Bath is conveniently located in the South West of England.

Famous for its Royal Circus and Royal Crescent designed by Robert "Beau" Nash, the quaint place is safe and perfect for families.

It oozes tradition and history and is very sought after. Property prices have been growing steadily in recent years, with the average home costing £535K.


One of the strongest property markets globally, London has everything to offer to a property investor but comes at a price.

The transport facilities are first class, with ample green areas and excellent schools. Making it popular to investors for its terrific store of value.

Moreover, there are countless amenities, including the West End for theater or world-famous casinos such as The Colony Club Park Lane.

However, interested gamblers need not go to London to play famous table games like roulette and baccarat.

They can now do it on their phones or any device, such as a PC or tablet.

Comparison sites such as VSO review online casinos in the UK help players find the site to play at.

These online portals help find the best promotions like welcome bonuses for players, provide in-depth reviews of each operator, and advise what makes a good casino app.

There is also plenty of support in the property market, and it's currently booming, with the average price being £661K.


A wonderful small town in the heart of England, Warwick is ancient, with some of its buildings dating back to the Tudor period.

It is famous for its castle, which sits on the River Leam, and has some of the best schools in the country, like Warwick Boys School and Kings High for Girls.

The town center is very historic, having many old pubs and even a racecourse.

If you prefer the quiet life, Warwick is perfect with the nearest city being Coventry, looking for vivid nightlife.

At the time of writing, the average property price is £330K.


Cornwall is a delightful part of England, being South Westerly County. It is famous for its beaches, food, tranquility, and art.

There are some charming, eclectic towns such as St Ives, an art lover's paradise, with many galleries and fish and chip shops.

It is especially popular with workers in London, who like to commute there at the weekend for a more calm and relaxing experience.

Be warned, though; it certainly isn't cheap with the average price being £333K, up 10% from last year.


Located right in the heart of the United Kingdom, Derby is a relatively large city in England, with 258,000.

Perhaps not as attractive as the other places on this list, but it does have some excellent attributes.

Firstly, Derby has plenty of industry, being home to Rolls Royce and Bombardier.

In addition, as it is centrally located, many warehouses are located in the East Midlands for distribution, such as Amazon and Sports Direct.

Also, it is much cheaper, with the average house price in Derby being £215K. So, if you are looking for quantity in an investment, this is the place for you.


A pleasant seaside town just a few hours south of London, Brighton is famous for being LGBTQ-friendly.

Furthermore, the architecture like Brighton Pier and the Royal Pavilion are breathtaking and best enjoyed on a sunny summer day.

The character of people who live there is very bohemian, being home to many artists and hipsters.

It is also a university town, so it is packed with young people looking to party.

Be advised though the property is quite dear, with the average price being £470K.

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