April 24, 2022

Instagram Update: Ranking Algorithm Update to Promote Original Content.

Instagram has updated its home feed ranking algorithm to preference the original content.

It is also known as Instagram’s home feed ranking algorithm update. You will see that the new algorithm is boosting original content on the Instagram platform.

Instagram has changed its Ranking Algorithm to Promote original content: eAskme
Instagram has changed its Ranking Algorithm to Promote original content: eAskme

Adam Mosseri has tweeted a video sharing about ranking algorithm change that offers better visibility to the original content.

Mosseri said that three updates would help original content creators earn credits for their work, such;

  • Enhanced people tags
  • Home Feed ranking change
  • Product tags

Here is everything you must know.

Instagram Enhanced People Tags:

Instagram is enhancing the people tagging feature.

Instagram users can add categories to their Instagram profiles, and it will display when someone tags them in photos or videos.

The new category feature will show when someone tags you and let others know who you are or what you do.

Instagram Home Feed Ranking Update:

Mosseri has not said everything about the new home feed ranking update, but the new update will boost the ranking of original content.

It also means that fresh and unique content will get a better ranking and more visibility.

Mosseri said that original content creators should get credit for what they are creating.

This update has also raised questions about whether Instagram is moving towards an original content-only platform.

You may have seen multiple creators creating the same or similar videos on Instagram.

Creators also share the same content on various social media sites.

A few questions need to be answered:

  • What will happen if you are reporting your original content from another website?
  • Will the content of the original creator will get a better ranking even if it is shared on other sites?
  • Will Instagram consider it as reported content?

It is not clear if Instagram is making specific changes to promote Instagram-exclusive content or reward original content creators.

Instagram Product Tags:

Every Instagram user can now add product tags.

You can use tags to attract customers and drive traffic.

How to tag products on Instagram?

  • Go to post.
  • Tap on “Tag people.”
  • Search the brand you want to tag.
  • Choose the “product” option.
  • Tag products and share the post.


Instagram is still working to improve its home feed algorithm and wants to boost original content.

It will be great to see the reaction of content creators.

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